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"COPY PRO" appears.
"READ ERROR" appears.
"NO DEVICE" appears.
"NO MUSIC" appears.
"NA DEVICE" appears.
"iPod ERROR" appears.
Noise is generated.
Tracks cannot play back as you have intended
them to play.
"READING" keeps flashing.
Elapsed playing time is not correct.
The number of songs contained in "SONGS"
category of this unit is different from that
contained in "SONGS" category of iPod.
Correct characters are not displayed (e.g.
album name).
"PANDORA ERR 5" appears.
"NO SKIPS" appears.
"CHK DEVICE" appears.
The hands-free talk volume is low.
No beep is heard at reception of an incoming
Voice is not recognized.
"NO NUMBER" appears.
"NO DATA" appears.
A copy-protected file is played.
Copy the files and folders for the USB device again. If the error message is still
displayed, initialize the USB device or use other USB devices.
No USB device is connected. Connect a USB device, and change the source to USB
The connected USB device contains no playable audio file.
Connect a supported USB device, and check the connections.
Reconnect the iPod. / Confirm that the software for the iPod is the latest version. /
Reset the iPod.
Skip to another track or change the disc.
Playback order is determined when files are recorded.
Longer readout time is required. Do not use too many hierarchies and folders.
This is caused by how the tracks are recorded.
Podcast files are not counted in this unit as this unit does not support the playback of
podcast files.
This unit can only display letters (upper case), numbers, and a limited number of
Thumb up/down operation has failed.
The skip count limit has been exceeded.
Check the Pandora® application on the iPhone/iPod touch.
The hands-free talk volume can be adjusted independently. Adjust it during hands-
free talk. [MIC GAIN] of <Bluetooth Setup> (page 22).
No beep is heard depending on the type of your cell-phone. The [CALL BEEP] of
<Bluetooth Setup> (page 22) is set ON.
The vehicle window is open. If the surrounding noise is large, voice cannot be
■ ■
recognized properly. Close the vehicle windows to reduce noise.
Small voice. If voice is too small, it cannot be recognized properly. Speak into the
■ ■
microphone a little more loudly and naturally.
The person uttering the voice tag is not the one who registered the it. Only the
■ ■
voice of the person who registered the voice tag can be recognized.
The calling party does not notify a caller ID. / There is no phone number data.
There is no outgoing call list. / There is no incoming call list. / There is no missed call
list. / There is no phone book list. / Data is not contained in the phone book.
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