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Tub Clean; Door Lock & Detecting - LG F14A7FDS Series Owner's Manual

9kg steam 6 motion dd washing machine
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How to use washer

Tub Clean

Tub Clean is a special cycle to clean the inside of the washing machine.
A higher water level is used in this cycle at higher spin speed. Perform this cycle regularly.
Tub Clean
• Do not add any detergent to the detergent compartments.
• Excessive suds may generate and leak from the washer.
• If there is a child, be careful not to leave the door open for too long.
Door Lock & Detecting
- - -
T ime Left
- - -
Time Left
40 C
1. Remove any clothing or items from the
washer and close the door.
2. Open the dispenser drawer and add Anti
limescale(e.g. Calgon) to the main wash
3. Close the dispenser drawer slowly.
4. Power On and then touch and hold Tub
Clean button for 3 seconds. then "Tub
Clean" will be displayed on the LCD display.
5. Press the Start/Pause button to start.
6. After the cycle is complete, leave the door
open to allow the washer door opening,
flexible gasket and door glass to dry.
"Door Lock" - For safety reasons, the
door will lock while machine is in use and the
"Door Lock" icon will light up. You can safely
open the door after the "Door Lock" icon
turns off.
While "Detecting" is shown on the
display the washing machine rotates slowly
and detects how much laundry is loaded in
the drum.
It will take a short time.



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