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Options; Option1; Option 2; Rinse - LG F14A7FDS Series Owner's Manual

9kg steam 6 motion dd washing machine
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How to use washer



• Medic Rinse : For best results or for
cleaner rinsing.
• Rinse+Spin : This can be helpful in
preventing fresh stains from setting in
fabrics. This is a separate cycle.

Option 2

• Time Save : This option can be used to
reduce the time of a wash program.
• Intensive : If the laundry is normal and
heavily soiled, "Intensive" option is effective.


• R + +Hold : Add rinse once then after rinsing
process, the course is paused until start
button is pressed again.
• N+Hold : The course is paused until start
button is pressed again when rinse is
• Rinse ++ : Add rinse twice.
• Rinse + : Add rinse once.


• By touching the Temp. button the water
temperature can be selected.
- Cold
- 30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 95°C
• Water temperature can be selected
according to the program.


• Spin Speed level can be selected by
touching 'Spin' button repeatedly.

Other functions

Spin only

1. Press the Power button.
2. Touch the Spin button to select RPM.
3. Press the Start/Pause.
When you select "No Spin", it will still
rotate for a short time with low speed to
drain quickly.

Refresh Cycle

1. Press the Power button.
2. Select the Refresh program.
3. Touch the Steam Wash button repeatedly
until the correct item is displayed.
4. Press the Start/Pause button.
For better performance load 3 item or
When Refresh cycle finishes, laundry will
continue to be tumbled slowly for up to
30 minutes to prevent wrinkling. You can
open the door in this time by pressing
any button.



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