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Adding Detergent; Adding Detergent And Fabric Softener - LG F14A7FDS Series Owner's Manual

9kg steam 6 motion dd washing machine
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Adding detergent

Adding detergent and fabric softener

‹¤The dispenser drawer
‹¤Adding fabric softener
• Do not pour fabric softener directly on the clothes.
• Main wash only ➔
• Pre Wash + Main Wash ➔
• Keep all washing detergents away from
children as there is danger of poisoning.
• Too much detergent, bleach or softener
may cause an overflow.
• Be sure to use the appropriate amount of
• Do not exceed the maximum fill line.
Overfilling can cause early dispensing of the
fabric softener which could stain clothes.
Close the dispenser drawer slowly.
• Do not leave the fabric softener in the detergent
drawer for more than 2 days.
(Fabric softener could be harden)
• Softener will automatically be added during
the last rinse cycle.
• Do not open the drawer when water is supplied.
• Solvents(benzene, etc) should not be used.



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