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Grounding The Generator - GE HOME GENERATOR SYSTEM 45000 WATT Installation And Start-Up Manual

45000 watt home generator system
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Grounding the Generator

Ground the generator per applicable codes, standards and
regulations. There are two generator GND lug locations.
The one inside the alternator junction box next to the circuit
breaker is the primary lug and should suffice for most
applications. The second generator GND lug is located on the
frame below the generator circuit breaker cover and should
ONLY be used for a ground rod located at the generator, if
required by local codes. See Controls for location.
utility circuit connection
"240V Utility" leads must be routed in conduit. The
"240V Utility" leads deliver power to the generator's circuit
board and water heater. This power also charges the battery.
When power on these leads is lost, the generator will start.
Using installer-supplied minimum 300V, 14 AWG copper
wire, connect each ten amp fuse terminal in the alternator
junction box to the ten amp fuse terminals in the automatic
transfer switch.
fault Detection system
The generator may have to run for long periods of time with
no operator present. For that reason, the system is equipped
with sensors that automatically shut down the generator
in the event of potentially damaging conditions, such as
low oil pressure, high temperature, over speed, and other
conditions. Refer to Fault Detection System in the operator's
manual for more detailed information.
The owner will use the remote LED indicator to observe
the status of the home generator system. The remote LED
will turn on and off in a series of blinks if certain faults are
detected in the generator system. Consult with the owner
for a convenient location. Locate the electrical box in an
area visible by the home owner such as near a garage door
opener or security control panel.
When making connections, obey wire type and torque
specifications printed on the circuit breaker and neutral/
ground connector.
to install the remote LeD indicator:
1. Push the LED through the mounting plate from the
front until it snaps in place.
iMPortant: The LED is polarity sensitive.
2. Using provided 10 pole connector and installer-
supplied minimum 18AWG wire, connect the remote
LED to the generator control board +LED and GND
connection. Use wire nuts to attach wire to LED leads.
3. Attach mounting plate to installer-supplied
electrical box.


Table of Contents

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