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Installation; Home Owner Responsibilities; Installing Dealer/Contractor Responsibilities; Unpacking Precautions - GE HOME GENERATOR SYSTEM 45000 WATT Installation And Start-Up Manual

45000 watt home generator system
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This product is intended for use as an optional home
generator system which provides an alternate source
of electric power and to serve loads such as heating,
refrigeration systems, and communication systems that,
when stopped during any power outage, could cause
discomfort or inconvenience. This product does not qualify
for emergency standby as defined by NFPA 70 (NEC).

home owner responsibilities

• Read and follow the instructions given in the
Operator's Manual, especially the section regarding
selecting essential circuits.
• Follow a regular schedule in maintaining, caring for
and using your home generator, as specified in the
Operator's Manual.

installing Dealer/contractor responsibilities

• Read and observe the safety rules.
• Install only an UL approved transfer switch that is
compatible with the generator.
• Read and follow the instructions given in this
Installation and Start-up Manual.

unpacking Precautions

The unit is shipped ready for installation on a prepared
reinforced cement slab or engineered base. Avoid
damage from dropping, bumping, collision, etc. Store and
unpack carton with the proper side up, as noted on the
shipping carton.
Every effort has been made to ensure that information in this
manual is accurate and current. However, we reserve the
right to change, alter, or otherwise improve the product and
this document at any time without prior notice.
iMPortant: The system is equipped with a water heater
that is activated when ambient temperature is less than 80°F
AND utility power is present at the transfer switch.
If you need more information on this matter, please call
(888) 575-8226, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CT.


Table of Contents

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