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General Location Guidelines - GE HOME GENERATOR SYSTEM 45000 WATT Installation And Start-Up Manual

45000 watt home generator system
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Install generator outdoors in an area which will not
accumulate deadly exhaust gas. DO NOT install generator
where exhaust gas could accumulate and enter inside or be
drawn into a potentially occupied building. Ensure exhaust
gas is kept away from windows, doors, ventilation intakes
or other openings that can allow exhaust gas to collect in a
confined area. Prevailing winds and air currents should be
taken into consideration when positioning generator.

General Location Guidelines

• Install the unit outdoors ONLY.
• Place the unit on a prepared concrete slab that is flat,
level, and has provisions for water drainage.
• Install the unit in a location where sump pump
discharge, rain gutter down spouts, roof run-off,
landscape irrigation, or water sprinklers will not flood
the unit or spray the enclosure and enter any air inlet
or outlet openings.
• Install the unit where it will not affect or obstruct
any services (including covered, concealed and
underground), such as telephone, electric, fuel,
irrigation, air conditioning, and so forth.
• Install the unit where air inlet and outlet openings
will not become obstructed by leaves, grass, snow,
etc. If prevailing winds will cause blowing or drifting,
you may need to construct a windbreak to protect
the unit.
• Install the generator as close as possible to the
transfer switch and fuel supply to reduce the length of
wiring, conduit, and piping.
iMPortant: Laws or local codes may regulate the distance
to the fuel supply.
The minimum (MIN) clearances from aerial view of generator
(B) to combustible (D), and non-combustible (A) materials is
shown below.
• These distances are provided to give generator
location guidance relative ONLY to combustibles,
generator cooling, and maintenance.
• The minimum distances in the figure are as shown.
All four sides of the generator cannot be enclosed
or restricted, even if the minimum distances are
maintained. DO NOT connect (A) and/or (D) to (E).
• A roof cannot be used.
• Exhaust (C) must not be allowed to accumulate.
A Non-Combustible material with Fire Resistant Rating of
1 hour or greater
B Home Standby Generator
C Engine Exhaust
D Combustible Material or Structure with a Fire
Resistance Rating of less than 1 hour
E Any structure or material. DO NOT connect (A) and/or
(D) to (E)


Table of Contents

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