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Shipment Contents; Home Generator Location - GE HOME GENERATOR SYSTEM 45000 WATT Installation And Start-Up Manual

45000 watt home generator system
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Table of Contents
Delivery inspection
After removing the carton, carefully inspect the generator for
any damage that may have occurred during shipment.
iMPortant: If loss or damage is noted at time of delivery,
have the person(s) making delivery note all damage on the
freight bill and affix his signature under the consignor's
memo of loss or damage. If loss or damage is noted after
delivery, separate the damaged materials and contact the
carrier for claim procedures. Missing or damaged parts are
not warranted.

shipment contents

the home generator system is supplied with:
• Fully-serviced coolant system
• Fully-serviced oil/lubricating system
• Flexible fuel hook-up hose
• Installation and start-up manual
• Operator's manual
• Engine operator's manual
• Installation checklist
• Access door keys
• Spare 15 Amp ATO-type fuse
• Ten-pole control panel connector
• Touch up paint
• Remote LED indicator kit (LED/plate/screws)
Generator Location
Before installing the generator, consult with the homeowner
and convey the following guidelines, which may affect the
desired location.
WarninG Exhaust heat/gases can ignite combustibles or
structures causing a fire.
DO NOT install the generator closer than 5 feet (1.5m) from any
combustibles or structures with combustible walls having a fire
resistance rating of less than 1 hour.
not supplied:
• Starting battery (see p. 20)
• Reinforced concrete pad
• Connecting wire and conduit
• Fuel supply valves/plumbing
• Two 60" lengths of 2" Schedule 40 pipe (NOT conduit)
• Crane, lifting straps, chains or cables
• Hole punches for 7 ga steel
• Torque screwdriver, 5 to 50 inch-pound range
• Voltage/frequency meter
• Ignition timing light (if converting fuel type)
• Air Fuel Ratio Meter (O
converting fuel type)
• Dummy load (if converting fuel type)
• Various special tools and equipment
WarninG Running engine gives off carbon monoxide, an
odorless, colorless, poison gas.
Breathing carbon monoxide can cause headache, fatigue,
dizziness, vomiting, confusion, seizures, nausea, fainting
or death.
Operate generator ONLY outdoors.
Install a battery operated carbon monoxide alarm near
the bedrooms.
Keep exhaust gas from entering a confined area through
windows, doors, ventilation intakes, or other openings.
Sensor and Analyzer, if


Table of Contents

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