Installation Introduction; Installation Consideration; Installation Of Solar Collector - Haier PJF2-200 Operating Instruction

Solar water heater
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• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
• Make sure to test the water temperature before use.
• The temperature pressure valve and discharge pipe are to be operated regularly to remove
lime deposits and to verify that it is not blocked.

Installation Consideration

• It is prohibited to install the collector upside down.
• The collector shall be installed toward the south as much as possible.
• The distance of the single pipeline between the storage water tank and the collector shall
be less than 10m.
• The indoor and outdoor pipeline of the system shall use the metal tube.
• The solar station, feed valve and expansion tank shall be installed in the circular outlet
pipeline of the storage water tank.
• It is suggested for the thermal insulation of the pipeline to use the dedicated thermal
insulation material of our company.
• The sensor for the solar collector shall be installed at the outlet of the solar collector.
• The inlet/outlet pipeline of the panel solar collector shall be connected in the diagonal
position, the antifreeze flows into underneath the inlet/outlet pipeline and above of the
inlet/outlet pipeline.

Installation of Solar Collector

• Use the steel wire rope with the diameter of 6mm to install the solar collector.
• If there is no proper fixing point in the roof, it can use the large expansion bolt for the
fixation at the thick wall.
• There shall be some space between the solar collector and the roof, to prevent the
backflow of the water in the roof from causing the leakage of the roof.
• Custom made support of our company shall be adopted for the installation of solar
collector on the flat roof.
Panel Solar Collector

Installation introduction

Expansion Bolt
(Installation of the solar
Steel Wire Rope
collector on the pent roof)
Haier solar water heater


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