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Haier ES10V-M2 User Manual

Spa water heater
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Packing list

Safety valve
Electric water
Drain hose
heater (Set)
Safety warning (Read carefully before use)
Check if the ammeter and the diameter
of the wires are in accordance with
the rated current of the water heater.
If necessary, please have it checked by
an experienced electrician.
This water heater is available for AC
230V/50Hz power.
Be sure to use independent socket
and earth it reliably, and socket
quality shall conform to the national
standard requirements.
Set the power socket of the water
heater at the dry position away from
spraying water. Do not plug/unplug
with wet hands.
After installation, be sure to f ill the
heater completely with water before
switching on the power in the f irst
usage. Children must take a bath
under the supervision of adult.
In opening and closing the water
valve, do not point the showerhead
toward the human body. Otherwise
it may hurt by the spraying hot water.
During winter in a cold area, if the heater
is idle for a long period, please pull the
handle of the safety valve to discharge the
water. Otherwise it may freeze inside the
water heater and cause damage.
The product adopts the patented "Safe Care" technology of our company. As long as
product adopts civil power supply, even if the earthing wire is electrif ied by mistake, the
"Safe Care" technology still can block dangerous electricity, and ensure your personal
safety. But if you f ind any perceptible current, please disconnect the power and contact
after service department for maintenance. Do not disassemble by yourself.
The original pipeline of the water heater is an organic part of "Safe Care" . Do not remove
it by yourself. Otherwise we will not take responsibility for injury and loss caused by the
safety danger occurring.
User's manual
hook (PCS)
line (PCS)
In case the power cord of the water
heater is damaged, be sure to have it
replaced by after service technicians
with the special cord offered by the
Do not set at place that is too cold
and may freeze.
Do not set at outdoor places.
Do not use as f loor standing
Please mount it to f irm and reliable
Do not install to places without
Connect the drain hose to the inlet
of the sewer to avoid polluting by
Never do that.
Be sure to act as per instructions.
=Please read this manual before usage.
=Retain it for future reference.
Pre-safe Expert
This mark is the designation for Pre-safe Expert of Haier Water Heater
Company, which indicates the use of the company's patented technology
inside the product. It ensures you a safe bath while monitoring whether
your house ground wire is live or not all the time. If this mark is lit, it
indicates your house ground wire was come live (poor grounding and
live). In this case, please immediately stop use and disconnect the power,
and remember not to touch any electric appliance in your house. At the
same time, immediately contact after-sales service and your property
Mark of Haier Safe
management company for professional repair until the mark goes off.
Water Heater
Pre-safe Expert will become the electric safeguard for your family.
See to the physical for the appearance, color or pattem.

Electric circuit diagram

Live wire (brown)
Null line (blue)
High temperature limiter
Heating indicator
Heating element
Grounding wire (yellow/green)
Installation · Usage
Installation must be made by installers of, or designated by, our company after-service
department. The water heater shall be wall-mounted.
Make 2 holes F12mm, 65mm deep in wall with an impact drill according to the drawing of
the external dimensions.
Take out all accessories in packaging liner, unpack one hook, sleeve the ring end of the
connection lines among the accessories into the hook tightening end and assemble the hook
well. Afterwards, insert and f ix two hooks into the holes (wherein the hook with connection
lines is f ixed in the right hole). Lift the water heater and hang it with wall rack corresponding to
the two hooks. insert the connection spacer led from the rear shell wall rack of the heater into
the connection terminal of the line on the hook (See Figure 2). Install accessories such as safety
valve as shown in Figure 3. Do use sealing compound to prevent water leakage.
To facilitate installation and removal, it is suggested a G1/2 movable nut be f itted at appropriate
locations on inlet and outlet pipes respectively. Find the location requiring hot water supply.
Connect inlet pipe, outlet pipe and city water pipe respectively to the use point for hot water.
Note: The hot water pipe shall not be too long to reduce heat losses.
Please reserve some space in installation for the future maintenance.
Spa Water Heater
User's Manual



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  • Page 1: Packing List

    0040502334 Pre-safe Expert Safety warning (Read carefully before use) This mark is the designation for Pre-safe Expert of Haier Water Heater Company, which indicates the use of the company's patented technology Check if the ammeter and the diameter In case the power cord of the water inside the product.
  • Page 2: Connection And Use Of Safety Valve

    To avoid danger caused by accidental resetting of the heating breaker, the power for the heat Wall rack cannot be supplied by timer and other external switch devices or connected to circuit with frequent switching for facility use. (Figure 3) for installation reference only If any part is damaged, please contact the local maintenance agent and have it replaced with our spare parts.

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