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Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide; Computer Setup (F10) Utilities - HP Point of Sale rp5000 Manual

Computer setup (f10) utility guide
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Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide

Computer Setup (F10) Utilities

Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Use the Computer Setup (F10) Utility to do the following:
Change factory default settings.
Set the system date and time.
Set, view, change, or verify the system configuration, including
settings for processor, graphics, memory, audio, storage,
communications, and input devices.
Modify the boot order of bootable devices such as hard drives,
diskette drives, optical drives, or HP Drive Keys.
Configure the boot priority of IDE hard drive controllers.
Enable Quick Boot, which is faster than Full Boot but does not
run all of the diagnostic tests run during a Full Boot. You can set
your system to:
always Quick Boot (default);
periodically Full Boot (from every 1 to 30 days); or
always Full Boot.
Enable or disable Network Server Mode, which allows the
computer to boot the operating system when the power-on
password is enabled, with or without a keyboard or mouse
attached. When attached to the system, the keyboard and mouse
remain locked until the power-on password is entered.
Select Post Messages Enabled or Disabled to change the display
status of Power-On Self-Test (POST) messages. Post Messages
Disabled suppresses most POST messages, such as memory
count, product name, and other non-error text messages. If a



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