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Onboard Devices; Pci Devices - HP Point of Sale rp5000 Manual

Computer setup (f10) utility guide
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Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Computer Setup (Continued)
*These options should be used by advanced
users only.
Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on your hardware
Power-On Options

Onboard Devices

PCI Devices
Allows you to set: (continued)
• I/O APIC mode (enable/disable).
Enabling this feature will allow Windows
operating systems to run optimally. This
feature must be disabled for certain
non-Microsoft® operating systems to work
• ACPI/USB buffers @ top of memory
(enable/disable). Enabling this feature
places USB memory buffers at the top
of memory. The advantage is that
some amount of memory below 1 MB is
freed up for use by option ROMs. The
disadvantage is that a popular memory
manager, HIMEM.SYS, does not work
properly when USB buffers are at top of
memory AND the system has 64 MB or
less of RAM.
Allows you to set resources for or disable
onboard system devices (serial ports A, B, C,
or D, parallel port, or diskette controller).
• Lists currently installed PCI devices and
their IRQ settings.
• Allows you to reconfigure IRQ settings for
these devices or to disable them entirely.
These settings have no effect under an
APIC-based operating system.
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide



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