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HP Point of Sale rp5000 Manual page 17

Computer setup (f10) utility guide
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Computer Setup (Continued)
*These options should be used by advanced
users only.
Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on your hardware
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Power-On Options
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Allows you to set: (continued)
• Option ROM prompt (enable/disable).
Enabling this feature will cause the system
to display a message before loading
options ROMs. (This feature is supported
on some models only.)
• Remote wakeup boot source (remote
server/local hard drive).
• After power loss (off/on):
After power loss, if you connect your
computer to an electric power strip and
would like to turn on power to the
computer using the switch on the power
strip, set this option to "on."
If you turn off power to your computer
using the switch on a power strip, you will
not be able to use the suspend/sleep
feature or the Remote Management
• POST delay (in seconds) (none, 5, 10,
15, 20). Enabling this feature will add a
user specified delay to the POST process.
This delay is sometimes needed for hard
disks on some PCI cards that spin up very
slowly; so slowly that they are not ready
to boot by the time POST is finished.



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