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Boot Order - HP Point of Sale rp5000 Manual

Computer setup (f10) utility guide
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Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Computer Setup (Continued)
Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on your hardware
Storage Options
IDE DPS Self-test

Boot Order
Primary IDE Controller
Allows you to enable or disable the primary
IDE controller.
Secondary IDE Controller
Allows you to enable or disable the
secondary IDE controller.
BIOS IDE DMA Transfers
Allows you to enable or disable BIOS use of
DMA (direct memory access) for IDE data
Allows you to select on which drive to run a
DPS self-test.
Allows you to specify the order in which
attached peripheral devices (such as a
diskette drive, hard drive, optical drive, or
network interface card) are checked for a
bootable operating system image. Each
device on the list may be individually
excluded from or included for consideration
as a bootable operating system source.
MS-DOS® drive lettering assignments
may not apply after a non-MS-DOS
operating system has started.
To boot one time from a device other than
the default device specified in Boot Order,
restart the computer and press F9 when the
computer begins to boot. When POST is
completed, a list of bootable devices is
displayed. Use the arrow keys to select a
device and press the Enter key.
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide



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