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Storage Options - HP Point of Sale rp5000 Manual

Computer setup (f10) utility guide
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Computer Setup (Continued)
Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on your hardware
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Device Configuration

Storage Options
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide
Translation Parameters (IDE Disks only)
Allows you to specify the parameters (logical
cylinders, heads, and sectors per track) used
by the BIOS to translate disk I/O requests
(from the operating system or an application)
into terms the hard drive can accept. Logical
cylinders may not exceed 1024. The number
of heads may not exceed 256. The number of
sectors per track may not exceed 63. These
fields are only visible and changeable when
the drive translation mode is set to User.
Multisector Transfers (IDE ATA
devices only)
Specifies how many sectors are transferred
per multi-sector PIO operation. Options
(subject to device capabilities) are Disabled,
8, and 16.
Removable Media Boot
Enables/disables ability to boot the system
from removable media.
Removable Media Write
Enables/disables ability to write data to
removable media.
This feature applies only to legacy
diskette, IDE LS-120 Superdisk,
IDE LS-260 Superdisk, and
IDE PD-optical drives.
After saving changes to Removable
Media Write, the computer will restart.
Turn the computer off, then on, manually.



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