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Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes page 9

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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Supported file types utilizing CreoScitex APR feature and CreoScitex PrintXT extension include
Note: General Postscript errors may result when CreoScitex PrintXT Xtension is set to perform
Image Swap on unsupported file types (i.e. PDF, LZW compressed TIFF, grayscale bitmaps).
TIFF with clipping path for both static and variable images is not supported. Clipping path does
not show.
TIFF with LZW Compression - At this time, TIFF with LWZ compression images for static and
variable elements are not supported, as they print and preview black. VPS Tiff images will be
printed blacked out from Darwin.
Note: Resave all TIFF files as a PhotoShop TIFFs in MAC byte order with no LZW compression.
VI Job Thumbnails
Do not attempt to view "Thumbnails" with a multi record VI jobs, as no other jobs can be selected
until "Thumbnails" have been generated on all the pages of the of the selected VI job. Do not open
thumbnails for VIPP and/or VPS jobs that have been RIPped and are being held in the Storage
folder, unless the user desires to view the "Thumbnails" of the entire VI job.
When changing a Font parameter in Darwin, the user must select the << >> marks along with
selected text. Otherwise, the change will not take effect.
File Naming Convention
Follow all naming conventions as established in the CreoScitex User Manual. Note that improper
characters and file names with spaces may cause errors. Examples of improper characters include
the following: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - / ? > < ' " ; : ] [ { } \ |. This includes image and job files. In
some cases, the CSX Color Server will substitute an underbar ( _ ) in file names that contain the
aforementioned characters, which will result in an inability to call out the Hi-Res image when
using APR. As a matter of good practice, all image files and the database file should be scanned
for these and fixed prior to creating any Darwin VPS file. It is suggested to use the 8 dot 3 naming
Custom page sizes cannot be defined in Microsoft Word for Windows NT and 2000. The value
defaults back to Letter size. In case the image is larger than Letter (8.5x11"), the image will be
cropped when printed.
Jobs with Quarto page size (8X10"), landscape orientation, arrive to the CSX Color Server with a
portrait orientation and vice versa.
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