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Color Calibration - Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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When using Step&Repeat imposition method, enter sets in the "number of copies" field located in
the Print Settings tab of the Job Parameters window. The total number of copies of the finished
document printed and not the number of sheets of paper at the output. The CSX Color Server
automatically calculates the number of sheets that it needs to print and images will be added to
complete partially utilized sheets of paper. Therefore, the "number of copies" may not match the
total number of printed images on the sheets.
A job name should not contain more than 80 characters.
High Capacity Stacker
Some page sizes cannot be stacked on the High Capacity Stacker and must be sent to the top tray.
Refer to the High Capacity Stacker documentation for more information.
When a job is programmed to stack a custom paper size on the High Capacity Stacker, the paper
should be placed in the input tray before the job is being processed to ensure correct processing
and stacking.
The icon of the top tray of the High Capacity Stacker in the Printer Monitor window does not
reflect the visual appearance of the actual HCS top tray.

Color Calibration

Do not execute automatic calibration during processing or printing of other jobs.
Using System Resources Effectively
Importing from a CD, Archive and Retrieve operations should not be performed when the system
is printing or processing data.
Archiving jobs that are larger than 256MB requires free space of at least 768MB in drive D.
The Accounting log should not be printed during processing.
Mounting the DFE Shared Volume on a MAC Client
A maximum of five client station users can concurrently mount the shared volume of the DFE.
CSX 2000 PPD
Use the PPD supplied with the most current software (CSX2000.ppd). Other PPDs from previous
software versions may cause orientation and processing problems.
Job Editor
In merged jobs created in the Preview/Job Editor, job parameters that would require a reRIP (e.g.
color emulation, orientation change, image quality and imposition templates) cannot be changed.
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