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Job Settings - Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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When full system installation is not required the software update procedure can be used. System
upgrade involves removing the old software version and installing the new one. To install a new
version after removing the old one follow these steps:
Double click on the CD icon in "My Computer"
Open the "CSX2000_1.0" Folder
Double click on the Setup.exe file.

Job Settings

Some 3rd party applications do not transfer the image to paper orientation parameter correctly.
This may cause the image to print with the wrong orientation (print default is 'Portrait').
Jobs should not contain mixed attributes (different page orientations, page sizes etc.)
Jobs will fail to process or print when illegal imposition settings are applied. Corrective actions
may include reducing the size or number of pages on the sheet, removing crop marks, adjusting
Trim Size, reducing margin size or choosing a larger paper size. It is recommended that the job be
checked using the dynamic template viewer in the Imposition tab/"Template" parameter before
submitting the job to the process queue.
When jobs are sent from an NT client, a print notification will be displayed at the CSX Color
Server. To disable this message at the CSX Color Server, select: Start à Settings à Control Panel
à Services à Messenger à and select disable. Then shutdown and restart the CSX Color Server.
Jobs will abort from the processing queue when disk space is fully utilized.
Long VI jobs need to be run with the Gallop and Deletion Policy set to delete completed jobs,
otherwise the Printer Disks will fill up and the job will not print successfully.
Unauthorized software should not be loaded onto the CSX Color Server system.
Images larger than 11.7 inches in the cross printing direction will be cropped.
The default APR path for locating the High Resolution files is D:\Shared\HiRes. To set a new
APR path (from the Job Programming window/Services/APR) use the "new path" button in the
"APR Editor" window to select the location of High Resolution images (i.e. do not type the APR
path in the APR window).
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