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Importing Jobs; Backup Configuration - Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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Print Progress Bar
The Print progress bar counts the number of pages and not the number of sheets.
Documents created with vignettes plus curves should use the Original CMYK emulation setting in
the Color Tab of the Job Parameters window, to avoid the stepping effect.

Importing jobs

Jobs must have the appropriate PDL name extension (e.g. *.ps, *.pdf, etc.) to be imported to the
Click on "All" to deselect a row in the accounting log.
CMYK Emulation
The ICC profiles imported to the system for CMYK emulation should be based on CIELab values.
Process Queue
The process queue cannot be suspended between sets while running ''Gallop'' mode.

Backup Configuration

Backup configuration does not include backup of the virtual printers setup. When restoring the
system configuration, the virtual printers should be reset manually.
Printing Transparencies
It is recommended to use Xerox transparencies with the strip of paper on the long edge of the
transparency to feed the transparency properly. Select A4 or Letter size only. Although the PPD
within some applications may permit A4 SEF or Letter SEF, they are not valid selections.
Displaying "Number of Copies"
The number of copies may not be displayed correctly in the CSX Color Server Process queue. The
correct number of copies is displayed in the Print queue and in the Storage Folder.
Running Out of Paper
When a duplex job printed with 64-80 gsm paper stops printing prior to completion of the job due
to an out of paper condition, the order of the pages within the job may be incorrect. Avoid an out
of paper condition when printing with 64-80 gsm paper.
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