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Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes page 8

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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Variable Information (VI)
Reference Documentation
Please refer to the Variable Information Customer Expectations Document for the DocuColor
2045/2060CSX specific to the VI application for complete information.
VPS orientation
Changing the orientation of a VPS job does not change the orientation of the shared elements.
Letter Duplex VPS files printed in Face Down orientation print Face Up on a per record basis,
resulting in a page output sequence of 19, 20, 17, 18, ...etc. The workaround is to select Face Up
orientation in the Job Parameter window.
VPS Process
In some cases, while processing a very complex VI job, the print engine speed may be faster than
the RIP speed (i.e., Letter, 100% Variable Image content, Simplex Mode). In this case, the CSX
Color Server Gallop mode may be adjusted to allow for uninterrupted printing. It is recommended
to allow a sufficient number of records to be processed by increasing the Gallop setup parameter
prior to start of print run.
In general, the DocuColor 2045/2060CSX is capable of efficiently handling variable data jobs in
segmented run lengths. Large complex jobs should always be segmented into smaller run lengths
to achieve maximum throughput. The exact size of the run length will vary based on the amount of
variable coverage and element demographics (size and percentage of variable text vs.
images/graphics). As a matter of good practice, customers should always perform regular disk
maintenance to ensure trouble free operation.
VPS files can be processed with high-resolution APR images only.
VPS Printing
Darwin does not support trapping of VI elements.
Gallop should be used with "Face Down" print option.
VI Print Range
Print Range under Print settings tab in the Job Programming window does not support Pre-RIP
variable information jobs (both VPS and VIPP format). Once the VI job is processed, the Print
Range command can set the range of the printed Ready To Print pages.
VPS Image Files
EPS files with a clipping path need to have "Use APR Mask from High Res" selected at the CSX
Color Server. This is the default. In APR parameter on the Services tab, Hi-Res should be checked
in the Use APR Mask from group box.
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