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Application Notes; Error Reporting; Software Requirements - Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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Application Notes

Process Indication
There is no indication when some operations take place on big jobs. The operations are: duplicate,
archive, retrieve, delete, message viewer (with many messages).

Error Reporting

Alert messages may not provide sufficient details to identify the error. It is recommended that the
Job History be review for additional details on the error.
Set Up

Software Requirements

The supported Macintosh OS is 8.51 and higher. The recommended print driver depends on the
Macintosh OS that is being used. Unknown problems may occur if other drivers are used.
Adobe Downloader - 5.05
Adobe PostScript Driver for Win NT (5.1.2), Win 95& Win 98 (4.3.1). Adobe PostScript Driver
1.0.2 can also be used with all Win versions.
System Loading Instructions
Full system installation ("cold start") involves re-installation of the WindowsNT operating system
and re-installation of the CSX2000 application. There are two methods for this operation:
complete overwrite and preservation. Both methods require running the "Format Image Disk"
utility (accessed from Start à CSX2000 à CSX2000 Tools).
When updating the CSX2000 application there is no need to run the "Format Image Disk" utility.
All the Storage Folder jobs, together with all the user settings are saved.
Before updating the system to a new version, a removal of the existing version is required. At the
end of the removal procedure the following message may appear. However, the reported error
does not affect the application removal.
Recommended Print Driver
LaserWriter 8.6.1
LaserWriter 8.7
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