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Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes page 12

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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Cached VI Elements
This procedure can be used to delete cached elements at the CSX Color Server User Disk. When
resubmitting a job with VI elements that have previously been cached, the cached VI elements do
not rotate along with orientation changes that have been made at the client. This procedure is also
described in detail in The CSX Color Server Installation and Printing Guides.
At the CSX workspace, click on the Admin icon.
Click on Resource Manager.
Click on VI Elements.
Delete or archive the job directory containing the relevant cached elements.
Margins may not be adjusted independently for each side of the document. It is a universal
Ordering of VI elements through the stack (i.e. numbered or serialized documents) on Step and
Repeat imposition jobs is not automatically implemented in any of the templates. A potential
workaround is to impose the document in Quark and add fields to the database file, (containing
serial numbers, etc...), which can then be assigned to a particular layout placement on the sheet.
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