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Adobe Acrobat - Xerox CSX 2000 Release Notes

Xerox csx 2000 servers:
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The CSX2000 PPD supports QuarkXpress version 4.0 and higher.
Jobs with Quarto page size (8X10"), landscape orientation, arrive to the CSX Color Server with a
portrait orientation and vice versa.
To print transparencies from QuarkXpress, first select the page size (A4 or Letter) both in the Page
Setup window and from the PPD options. Only then select the media type: Transparency.
QuarkXpress layout dimensions that are perfectly square (e.g. custom document size 6"x6") and of
portrait orientation may either print out Head to Toe (HTT) or havean image shift on the duplex
side. The workaround is to select a standard page size in the PPD setup, then to apply Imposition
parameters including custom Trim size equal to custom document size in the DFE.
Landscape PageMaker jobs print Head to Head (HTH) when sent head to toe and vice versa. Also,
submit HTH jobs with HTT imposition and vice versa.
Jobs arrive at the CSX Color Server with the full path name as the job title.
All operating systems enable selecting custom paper size and transparency, although the printer
can only print transparencies in A4 and Letter sizes.
All operating systems enable selecting custom paper size and tray 1 or 2, although the printer can
only print custom paper sizes from tray 3 or 4.
Custom page sizes cannot be defined in PageMaker for the Macintosh operating system. The value
defaults back to Letter size. If the image is larger than Letter, the image will be cropped.
All the values of the PPD parameters sent from the PC version of the application are ignored by
the DFE. The default values of the virtual printer are used instead.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat converts any Landscape file it prints to Portrait (i.e. rotates the file's pages 90
degrees). If the file's orientation needs to be preserved, the file should be printed from the original
application in which the file was created (e.g. QuarkXpress).
When using imposition with a landscape PDF file, the job's images are printed cropped, although
the dynamic imposition view in the job ticket shows a legal layout. To obtain the desired output,
import the PDF file to the Storage Folder and preview it. In Adobe Acrobat rotate the job pages
(Document menu à Rotate Pages...) by 90 degrees and save the file. Submit the file to the
Process queue again and it will print correctly.
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