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The Laser; The Fuser Agent Reservoir; The Inverter (duplex Tray); The Decurler Lever - Xerox DocuTech 6100 Operator's Manual

Xerox docutech 6100: operator guide.
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The laser

The fuser agent reservoir

The inverter (duplex tray)

The decurler lever

The ground fault protector

DocuTech 61xx Operator Guide
A laser is used to create an invisible image on the photoreceptor.
The electronic master of a job communicates instructions to the
laser, causing the laser to switch on and off to create the image.
Fuser agent is used to prevent paper that is passing through the
fuser from sticking to the fuser roll. Fuser agent is contained in
the fuser agent reservoir. When directed by a message on the
controller, you must add fuser agent to the reservoir.
For fuser agent replacement, refer to the "Routine maintenance"
When 2-sided prints are made, the side one image is put on the
paper first. The paper with the side one image is then moved to
the duplex inverter, where the paper is turned over. The paper
then moves through the paper path again to have the side two
image applied.
Too much curl in paper can cause paper handling problems.
Adjusting the decurler lever should correct most of the curl
For the decurler lever adjustments, refer to the "Routine
maintenance" chapter.
Some processors are equipped with a ground fault protector.
This device is located on the back panel of the processor. The
device has circuit breakers associated with it. When the device
senses an electrical fault in the processor, it will shut off the
processor power. If your processor has more than one power
cord, there will be a ground fault protector for each power cord.
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