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Craftsman 127.28876 Operator's Manual page 9

Zero turn riding mower 26hp b&s engine / side discharge / 52-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 42-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 36-inch wide
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Table of Contents
Maintain machine according to manufacturer's
schedule and instructions for maximum safety
and best mowing results.
Park machine on level ground.
Never allow untrained personnel to service ma-
Adjust or repair only after the engine has been
stopped and the blades have quit rotating.
Inspect grass catcher components regularly.
worn, damaged or deteriorated, they may expose
moving parts or allow objects to be thrown.
Replace parts if worn, damaged or faulty.
For best results, always replace with parts
by the manufacturer.
Disconnect battery or remove spark plug wire(s)
before making any repairs.
Disconnect the
negative terminal first and the positive last. Re-
connect positive first and negative last.
Do not dismantle the machine without releasing
or restraining forces which may cause parts to
move suddenly.
Provide adequate support, e.g. jackstands for
lifted machine or parts if working beneath.
Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating
Clean up spilled oil or fuel thoroughly.
Replace faulty mufflers.
To reduce fire hazards, keep the engine, muffler,
battery compartment
and fuel storage area free
of grass, leaves, debris buildup or grease.
Hydraulic fluid can penetrate skin, use paper
to check for leaks. Relieve hydraulic pressure
before disconnecting hoses. Make sure
connections are tight and hoses are in good
Mower blades are sharp and
can cut. Use extra caution
when handling.
Remove ob-
structions with care. Wrap the
blade(s) or wear gloves.
Be aware that rotating one
blade on multi-blade mowers can cause other
blades to rotate.
Only replace blades. Never straighten or weld
Keep other persons away from blades.
Gasoline and diesel fuels are
flammable; gasoline
are explosive.
Use extra care
when handling.
Store only in containers spe-
cifically designed for fuel.
When refueling or checking fuel level:
- Stop the engine and allow to cool;
- Do not smoke;
- Refuel outdoors only;
- Use a funnel;
- Do not overfill;
- If fuel is spilled, do not attempt to start the
engine until the spill is cleaned up and vapors
have cleared.
Sparks from static electricity can start fires or cause
Flowing fuel can generate static
electricity. To prevent static electricity sparks:
Keep containers electrically grounded.
Do not fill
containers in a vehicle or on a truck or trailer bed
with a plastic liner. Fill containers on the ground
away from the vehicle.
When practical, remove gas powered equip-
ment from the truck or trailer and refuel it on the
If equipment must be refueled on the
truck or trailer, refuel from a portable container
rather than a dispenser nozzle.
Keep the dispenser nozzle in contact with the rim
of the fuel tank or container opening until fueling
is complete.
Do not use a nozzle lock-open
Replace caps on fuel cans and tanks securely.

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Table of Contents

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