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Craftsman 127.28876 Operator's Manual page 7

Zero turn riding mower 26hp b&s engine / side discharge / 52-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 42-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 36-inch wide
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Start only according to instructions in this manual
or on the machine.
Before attempting to start the engine, make sure:
- the parking brake is on;
- the PTO is disengaged;
- the traction drive is in NEUTRAL.
When starting the engine, make sure hands and
feet are clear of the blades.
Do not start the machine while standing in front
of the discharge chute or with the chute directed
at someone.
Do not engage PTO at full throttle. Throttle to
idle or lowest possible engine speed.
Do not change engine governor settings or
over-speed the engine. Operating the engine
at excessive speed can increase the hazard of
personal injury.
Before leaving the operator's position:
- Park on level ground.
- Disengage the PTO.
- Set the parking brake.
- Shut off the engine and remove the key.
Disengage the PTO and wait until the blades quit
- before raising cutterdeck;
- when not mowing;
- for transport;
- when crossing surfaces other than grass.
Stop the engine, disengage the PTO, set parking
brake and wait until the blades quit rotating and
lower cutting unit:
- before refueling;
- before removing grass catcher;
- before making height adjustment unless the
adjustment can be made from the operator's
Stop the engine, disengage the PTO, set parking
brake and disconnect the spark plug wire(s) or
remove the key:
- before clearing blockages or unclogging chute;
- before checking, cleaning or working on the
- after striking a foreign object. Inspect the
machine for damage and make repairs before
- if the machine begins to vibrate abnormally:
shut off machine immediately.
Inspect and
make repairs as needed before restarting;
- except for repairs or adjustments as specifically
noted, such as for carburetor adjustment,
where the engine must be running.
hands and feet clear of moving parts in these
Allow the blades to come to a complete stop
when stopping operation to clear blockages,
unclog, inspect the machine, do maintenance or
Reduce the throttle setting during engine shut-
down and, if the engine is provided with a shut-
off valve, turn the fuel off at the conclusion of

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Table of Contents

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