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Craftsman 127.28876 Operator's Manual page 8

Zero turn riding mower 26hp b&s engine / side discharge / 52-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 42-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 36-inch wide
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in general
Slow down before turning•
Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely
necessary. Always look behind and down
for small children and pets before and during
Be aware when approaching blind corners,
shrubs, trees, tall grass or other objects that may
obscure vision.
If tires lose traction, disengage the blades• If on
a slope, head downhill.
Slopes are a major factor in
and tip over
accidents that sometimes lead
to severe injury or death. All
slopes require extra caution.
Do not mow on slopes if uneasy or uncertain.
Ultimate responsibility for safe operation on
slopes rests with the operator.
Do not mow excessively steep slopes.
A slope is too steep if:
• The machine will not back up the slope.
• The machine must be crabbed (turned
partially sideways uphill) to drive across
the slope.
• The machine turns downhill going across slope.
• You are uneasy about being on the slope.
On zero turn machines, mow across slopes, not
up and down.
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If tires
lose traction, disengage the blades and proceed
slowly straight down the slope.
With a zero turn machine, if tires lose traction
going down a slope, steering control may be
regained by speeding up.
Mid-mount zero turns (belly mounted deck) have
much greater traction pointed up slope than
down slope. Be aware that traction may be lost
going down a slope. Do not operate a mid-mount
zero turn on slopes it cannot back up.
Keep all movement on the slopes slow and
Do not make sudden changes in speed
or direction.
Do not turn on slopes unless necessary, and then
turn slowly and downhill when possible.
Stay away from slopes if the ground is loose or if
caught in the rain during mowing.
Use lower speeds on a slope to avoid stopping or
Use extra care with grass catchers or other
These can change the stability of
the machine.
Remove obstacles such as rocks, tree limbs etc.
Avoid driving over obstacles such as ruts, holes,
rocks and roots whenever possible.
Be alert to
dips and rises. Uneven terrain can overturn a
mower or cause it to slide. Tall grasses can hide
Do not mow drop=offs, ditches or embankments.
The machine could suddenly turn over if a wheel
runs over the edge or an edge caves in•
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations
for wheel weights or counterweights to improve
Do not mow slopes when grass is wet• Reduced
traction could cause sliding.

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Table of Contents

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