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Craftsman 127.28876 Operator's Manual page 5

Zero turn riding mower 26hp b&s engine / side discharge / 52-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 42-inch wide, 22hp b&s engine / side discharge / 36-inch wide
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Table of Contents
and training
Read the Operation
& Safety
If an operator or mechanic
cannot read English, it is
the owner's responsibility
to explain this material to
them. If any portion of this
material is unclear, contact
your factory representative for
Become familiar with the safe operation of the
equipment, operator controls and safety signs.
Know how to stop the engine and attachments
quickly in an emergency.
Do not operate or allow
another person to operate this machine if there
are any questions about safety.
All operators and mechanics should be trained.
The owner is responsible for training the users.
Wear appropriate clothing, including long
trousers and safety goggles or safety glasses
with side shields when operating mower. Do not
operate barefoot or wearing open sandals.
hair, loose clothing or jewelry may get tangled in
moving parts.
Wear hearing protection.
Never allow underage children, unskilled
or improperly trained people operate this
Local regulations can restrict the age
of the operator.
Data indicates that those operators age 60 years
and above are involved in a large percentage of
riding mower-related
injuries. Those operators
should evaluate their ability to operate the riding
mower safely enough to protect themselves and
others from injury.
Do not carry passengers, especially small
children. They may fall off and be seriously
Keep warning labels and this operator's manual
legible and intact. Replacement labels and
manuals are available from the factory.
Do not operate machine while under the
influence of drugs or alcohol.
The owner/user can prevent and is responsible
for accidents or injuries occurring to themselves,
other people or property.
All rotary
are potentially
They can amputate hands and
feet and throw
Failure to follow
these safety
and operating
could result in serious injury or death.
Site preparation
and circumstances
Evaluate the terrain to determine what
accessories and attachments are needed to
properly and safely perform the job. Only use
accessories and attachments approved by the
Clear the area to be mowed of objects such as
rocks, toys, wire or other debris that may be
picked up or thrown by the mower.
Be sure the area is clear of pets and people,
especially young children. Never assume they
will remain where you last saw them. Stop the
machine if any enter the area.
Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light.
Do not mow wet grass as tires may lose traction.

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Table of Contents

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