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Phenomena Specific To Ccd Image Sensors; How To Use This User's Guide - Sony IPELA SNC-RZ30N User Manual

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Phenomena Specific to
CCD Image Sensors
The following phenomena that may appear in images are
specific to CCD (Charge Coupled Device) image
sensors. They do not indicate malfunctions.
White flecks
Although the CCD image sensors are produced with
high-precision technologies, fine white flecks may be
generated on the screen in rare cases, caused by cosmic
rays, etc.
This is related to the principle of CCD image sensors
and is not a malfunction.
The white flecks especially tend to be seen in the
following cases:
• when operating at a high environmental temperature
• when you have raised the gain (sensitivity)
• when using the slow shutter
Vertical smear
When an extremely bright object, such as a strong
spotlight or flashlight, is being shot, vertical tails may be
produced on the screen, or the image may be distorted.
Monitor screen
When fine patterns, stripes, or lines are shot, they may
appear jagged or flicker.
Vertical thin tails shown on
the image.
Bright object (e.g. strong
spotlight, strong reflected light,
flashlight, the sun)
Phenomena Specific to CCD Image Sensors / How to Use This User's Guide
How to Use This User's
This User's Guide explains how to operate the SNC-
RZ30N/RZ30P Network Camera from a computer.
The User's Guide is written to be read on the computer
As this section gives tips on using the User's Guide, read it
before you operate the camera.
Jumping to the related page
When you read the User's Guide on the computer display,
click on the sentence to jump to the related page.
Software display examples
Note that the displays shown in the User's Guide are
explanatory examples. Some displays may be different
from the ones which appear as you operate the application
Printing the User's Guide
Depending on your system, certain displays or illustrations
in the User's Guide, when printed out, may differ from
those as portrayed on your screen.
Installation Manual (printed matter)
The supplied Installation Manual describes the names and
functions of parts and controls of the Network Camera,
connecting examples and how to set up the camera. Be sure
to read the Installation Manual before operating.


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