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Activating The Tour - Tour Selection Section; Sending Images To Ftp Server; Ftp Client Setting Page; Activating/deactivating The Ftp Client Function - Ftp Client Usage Setting Page - Sony IPELA SNC-RZ30N User Manual

Version 2.
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Activating the Tour
— Tour selection Section
You can activate the tour according to the schedule.
Selected tour name
Select the tour name A to E you want to activate.
Select none if you do not want to activate any tour or if
you want to stop the tour in action.
Available period
Select the period for which you can activate the tour.
Always: The tour can be activated any time.
Use scheduler: The tour is activated according to the
schedule selected on the Schedule No. menu below.
Schedule No.
When Use scheduler is selected on the Available period
menu, select the schedule you want to activate the tour
Click to select the check box(es) 1 to 6. You can select
multiple schedules.
To check the contents of schedules, click Schedule
check. (See "Setting the Schedule — Schedule setting
Page" on page 44.)
Resume time on inactivity
Select the tour activity after it has stopped because you
have operated (panned/tilted/zoomed) the camera from
the camera control section or moved the camera to the
preset position by the alarm during the tour in action.
If you select On, specify the wait time before the tour
restarts, between 5 and 600 seconds. The tour restarts
automatically after the specified time has elapsed. If
you select Off, the tour does not restart, and none is
displayed on Selected tour name.
The camera settings (see page 19) you made during the
tour in action may not be valid.
Sending Images to FTP

— FTP client setting Page

When you click FTP client on the Administrator menu,
the FTP client setting page appears.
Use this page to set up for capturing and sending still
images to an FTP server. You can capture a still image
at the moment when a trigger occurs by an external
sensor input, the built-in activity detection function or a
manual trigger button, or capture sequenced still images
before and after the trigger. The captured still image(s)
is sent to the FTP server (FTP client function). You can
also send still images periodically.
Activating/Deactivating the FTP
Client Function
— FTP client usage setting Page
To activate the FTP client function, select Use FTP
client function and click OK. The FTP client setting
page appears.
When you do not use the FTP client function, select Do
not use FTP client function and click OK.
The frame rate and operability on the main viewer page
may decrease while a file is being transmitted by the
FTP client function.
Setting the FTP Client Function
— FTP client setting Page
FTP server name
Type the FTP server name to upload still images up to 64
characters, or the IP address of the FTP server.
Sending Images to FTP Server — FTP client setting Page


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