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System Log - Sony IPELA SNC-RZ30N User Manual

Version 2.
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Default frame rate
Select the initial frame rate which is selected when you
log in the camera and display the main viewer page.
Click the down-arrow button in the box and select the
frame rate from the drop-down list.
The selectable frame rates are the following:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, Fastest
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, Fastest
The numbers indicate "FPS" (the number of frames
transmitted per second).
With Fastest, the camera transmits the maximum
number of frames possible for the connected line. The
maximum frame rate is 30 FPS for the SNC-RZ30N and
25 FPS for the SNC-RZ30P.
To update the main viewer page for the changed setting,
click Refresh of the browser.
Default URL
Select the homepage to be displayed when you enter the
IP address of the camera in the Address box of the
To display the homepage built in the camera
Select /index.html.
To display your individual homepage
You can display the favorite homepage if you create it
using the CGI commands of the camera and store the
HTML file in the recommended ATA memory card. In
this case, change the Default URL setting as follows:
For the verified cards, contact your authorized Sony
Select User Setting.
Store the HTML file of the homepage you created
into an ATA memory card and insert the card into
the PC card slot of the camera.
The PC card slot located on the lens side is "A slot,"
and that on the camera bottom side is "B slot."
Select from the drop-down list, /adrv/ when you
have inserted the PC card into A slot, or /bdrv/
when you have inserted it into B slot.
Type the path of the homepage up to 64 characters.
A-slot (advr)/B-slot (bdrv)
Displays the type of the PC card inserted into the PC
card slot and its free card space. The PC card slot located
on the lens side is "A-slot," and that on the camera
bottom side is "B-slot."
Exclusive control mode
Limits the pan/tilt operation of the camera.
If you select Off, multiple users can pan/tilt the camera
at the same time. The operation by the user accessed
later has priority.
If you select On, only one user can pan/tilt the camera.
The period of operation allowed to one user is
determined by the Operation time setting. If a user tries
to operate the camera while another user is operating it,
the control right is limited according to the Operation
time and Maximum wait number settings.
Operation time
Sets the period that one user can operate the camera
exclusively, between 10 and 600 sec.
This setting is valid when the Exclusive control mode
menu is set to On.
Maximum wait number
Sets the maximum number of users that can wait to
control the camera while another user is operating the
camera. The selectable number is between 0 and 20.
This setting is valid when the Exclusive control mode
menu is set to On.
• Before using the Exclusive control mode, you need to
set the date and time correctly on this camera and the
connected computer.
• When you use the Exclusive control mode, enable the
Cookie on your browser. The Exclusive control mode
does not function if the Cookie is disabled.
• After you have changed a setting of the Exclusive
control mode menu, click Refresh of the browser to
update for the changed setting.

System log

Click View to display the Log file events page.
The Log file events page shows the software version and
troubleshooting information.
Access log
Click View to display the Access log page.
The Access log page shows the history of accessing the
Configuring the System — System setting Page


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