Silvercrest SWC 10 A1 Operation And Safety Notes

Silvercrest SWC 10 A1 Operation And Safety Notes

Digital alarm clock with qi charging station


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SWC 10 A1
Operation and Safety Notes
IAN 365823_2010


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  • Page 2 GB / IE/ NI Operation and Safety Notes Page...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Warnings and symbols used ......Page Introduction .............. Page Intended use ............. Page Trademark notices ..........Page Safety notes.............. Page Safety instructions for batteries / rechargeable batteries..........Page Description of parts ..........Page Technical data ............Page Scope of delivery ........... Page Before use ..............
  • Page 5: Warnings And Symbols Used

    Warnings and symbols used These instructions for use contain the following symbols and warnings: DANGER! This symbol with the signal word “DANGER“ indicates a hazard with a high level of risk which, if not avoided, will result in serious injury or death.
  • Page 6 Protection Class II USB connection Polarity of output terminal “Qi“ and the Qi logo mark are trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This symbol means that the operating instructions must be observed before using the product. CE mark indicates conformity with relevant EU directives applicable for this product.
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Forum, Inc. “Qi“ and the Qi logo mark are trademark of the Wireless   Power Consortium (WPC). The SilverCrest trademark and trade name is the property of   their respective owners. Any other names and products are trademarks or registered  ...
  • Page 8: Safety Notes

    Safety notes Before using the product, please familiarize yourself with all of the safety instructions and instructions for use! When passing this product on to others, please also include all the documents! WARNING! DANGER TO LIFE AND RISK OF ACCIDENT FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN! DANGER! RISK OF SUFFOCATION! Never leave children unsupervised with the packaging material.
  • Page 9 Sudden temperature changes may cause condensation inside   the product. In this case, allow the product to acclimate for some time before using it again to prevent short circuits! Do not operate the product near heat sources, e.g. radiators   or other devices emitting heat! Do not throw the product into fire and do not expose to high  ...
  • Page 10: Safety Instructions For Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries

    • The user of the product is solely responsible for rectifying malfunctions caused by unauthorized changes to the product and the replacement of such modified products. • Before using the product, ensure that the available mains voltage corresponds with the operating voltage required for the mains supply (100‒240 V∼, 50 / 60 Hz).
  • Page 11 Swallowing may lead to burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion. DANGER OF EXPLOSION! Never recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not short-circuit batteries / rechargeable batteries and / or open them. Overheating, fire or bursting can be the result. Never throw batteries / rechargeable batteries into fire or water.
  • Page 12: Description Of Parts

    Use a dry lint-free cloth or cotton swab to clean the contacts on the battery / rechargeable battery before inserting! Remove exhausted batteries / rechargeable batteries from the product immediately. P Description of parts Please refer to the fold out pages. 1 Qi Charging area 2 Connector socket for mains adapter 3 Connector socket for USB Type C input...
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    P Technical data Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 140 x 112 x 92 mm Weight: approx. 350 g Operating temperature: 5 – 25 °C Storage temperature: 0 – 45 °C Humidity(no condensation): 10 – 70 % Temperature display range: -10 –...
  • Page 14 Mains adapter: Information Value Unit Manufacturer’s name or OWIM GmbH & Co. KG trade mark, HRA 721742 commercial registration Stiftsbergstraße 1, number 74167 Neckarsulm, and address: GERMANY HG07786A-BS, Model identifier: HG07786B-BS Input voltage: 100‒240 V∼ Input AC frequency: 50/60 Output voltage: Output current: Output power: 22.5...
  • Page 15: Scope Of Delivery

    P Scope of delivery 1 Digital alarm clock with Qi charging station ® 1 CR2032 battery 1 Mains adapter 1 Instructions for use P Before use NOTE: Before use, verify the package contents are complete and   undamaged! All parts have to be unpacked and the packaging material  ...
  • Page 16 USB charger operation: Plug the USB type A plug of the USB cable into the USB port   on a suitable USB adapter (both not included) and plug the USB type C plug into connector socket for USB Type C input of the product.
  • Page 17 Charging USB devices with USB Type A output CAUTION! Ensure that the power consumption of the USB device is not   higher than 1 A. For more information, refer to the instruction manual of your USB device. Replacing the battery CAUTION! Use CR2032 battery types only.
  • Page 18 This allows you to change the following settings in sequence:   Hour / Minute / Year / Month / Day / Language Press the Up button or the Down button to select the   desired language. You can choose between German (DE), English (GB), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Dutch (NL), Danish (DK) and Italian (IT), German (DE) is set as the standard language by default.
  • Page 19 Press the MODE button return to basic mode.   Switching off the alarm signal The alarm signal will sound at the set time for around 2   minutes. Press any button with the exception of the snooze / light button to switch the alarm signal off.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    The temperature unit can also be changed to (°F) by pressing   the Down button If the temperature drops below the measuring range of 0 °C   to 50 °C (or 32 °F to 122 °F) „LO“ is shown; „HI“ is shown if the temperature rises above this range P Troubleshooting What should I do if the LED indicator of the product is...
  • Page 21: Storage When Not In Use

    P Storage when not in use Store the product in a dry interior, away from direct sunlight, preferably in its original packaging. P Cleaning This product has no internal parts requiring maintenance.   Moisture entering the product may result in damage. Ensure no moisture enters the product during cleaning to  ...
  • Page 22: Simplified Eu Declaration Of Conformity

    Contact your local refuse disposal authority for more details of how to dispose of your worn-out product. To help protect the environment, please dispose of the product properly when it has reached the end of its useful life and not in the household waste. Information on collection points and their opening hours can be obtained from your local authority.
  • Page 23: Warrenty And Service

    P Warranty and service P Warranty The product has been manufactured to strict quality guidelines and meticulously examined before delivery. In the event of product defects you have legal rights against the retailer of this product. Your legal rights are not limited in any way by our warranty detailed below.
  • Page 24: Service

    You can return a defective product to us free of charge to the service address that will be provided to you. Ensure that you enclose the proof of purchase (till receipt) and information about what the defect is and when it occurred. P Service Service Great Britain Tel.: 08000569216...
  • Page 25 OWIM GmbH & Co. KG Stiftsbergstraße 1 74167 Neckarsulm GERMANY Model No.: HG07786A-BS, HG07786B-BS Version: 04/2021 IAN 365823_2010...

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