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Haier m1000: user manual
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4. Safety and General

Exposure to RF Energy

Your phone contains a transmitter and a receiver.
When it is ON, it receives and transmits radio
frequency (RF) energy. The transmission power
of mobile phone can be controlled with the
Your phone is designed to comply with all
standards and guidelines regarding exposure
of human beings to radio frequency electromagnetic
energy and 1999/5/EC on RF equipment and
communication terminals
Your phone and surroundings
Inadequately protected or high-sensitive
electronic equipment is likely to be interfered
by radio wave. Such interference may cause
accident. Please turn your phone off in the
following cases:
When instructed to do so, turn off your phone
when on board an aircraft.
Turn the phone OFF in health care facilities
when regulations posted in the areas instruct
you to do so.
Pacemaker and hearing aids: please consult
your doctor or the manufacture of the hearing
aid and pacemaker whether the medical facility
will be interfered by the mobile. Keep a safe
distance between the phone and the pacemaker
/hearing aids (generally considered as 20cm)
to prevent any interference.
Consult the car manufacturer to ensure that
e l e c t r o n i c e q u i p m e n t u s e d o n y o u r c a r i s
adequately shielded from electromagnetic

Blasting Areas

To avoid interfering with blasting operations,
turn your phone OFF when in a "blasting area".
Obey all signs and instructions.


Table of Contents