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Safety Information - Haier CG 100 User Manual


Table of Contents
Common problems
Weak talk quality
The contact can not get your
voice when making phone
Receiver sound is too low
The mobile phone has a
weak receive signal or
usually drop in the phone
The screen display the
information such as "No

15 Safety Information

Electronic Device
Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals.
Check item
Please check if the phone signal is strong enough;
If you are in the building, please move the phone
or move near the window.
Please check if your mike has blocked by fittings
or other blocks.
Please check if your receiver volume has been
adjusted to the largest.
Please check if the phone has a strong signal.
If no signal, please use it in a strong signal place.
Please check if you are in a weak signal area (in
the channel or surround by buildings), change the
area and retry.
Please check if you can try to get the services
without the service provider permission. If needed
the service, please contact the service provider for
more information.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents