Safety Information - Haier HaierPhoneG11 User Manual

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Please read this safety information carefully to ensure safe and proper
Using a mobile phone can distract the user and result in an accident. You
must fully comply with the local regulations and laws regarding the use of
cell phones whilst driving.
Near Sensitive Electronics
Don't use your phone near sensitive electronic equipment – particularly
medical devices such as pacemakers and electronic implants, as it could
cause them to malfunction. Your phone may cause interference with TV,
radio, fire detectors, and other automatic-control equipment.
For more information about how your phone affects pacemakers or other
electronic equipment, please contact the manufacturer or your local
Your phone can cause interference with aircraft equipment. So please
turn your phone off when flying.
Your phone may interfere with the operation of medical equipment. You
must observe and follow any instructions or warnings in hospitals and
treatment centers.
At Petrol Stations
Don't use your phone in petrol stations. In fact, it's suggested to be
switched off near any fuels, chemicals or explosives.

Safety Information


Table of Contents