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Huawei SmartLogger2000-10-C-JP Quick Manual

Huawei SmartLogger2000-10-C-JP Quick Manual


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Quick Guide (Japan)
Issue: 03
Part number: 31509082
Date: 2019-06-30



Summary of Contents for Huawei SmartLogger2000-10-C-JP

  • Page 1 SmartLogger2000-10-C-JP Quick Guide (Japan) Issue: 03 Part number: 31509082 Date: 2019-06-30 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  • Page 2 Use insulated tools when installing the device. 4. When the SmartLogger is applied in a non-Huawei smart array controller (smart array controller for short), install it in the third-p arty cabinet. This section describes the installation and cable connection operations using the SmartLogger in non-Huawei smart array controller scenario as an example.
  • Page 3 Port (Silk Screen) Function Description Resets and restarts the Bluetooth module or resets the SmartLogger IP address to the default IP address Default Default key (valid within 5 minutes). The default IP address is Connects to three-phase (U, V, and W) inputs, and is AC power cable used for PLC (MBUS) with the SUN2000 over AC AC1, AC2...
  • Page 4 Component Component Recommended Model or Specifications Quantity Source Can be SmartLogger SmartLogger2000 purchased from Huawei Low-speed optical FTLF1323P1BTR-HW Fitting Can be module bag for purchased fiber ring from Huawei Optical PLCLC5S-ST3P302-HW, LC-LC-S2-L2, switching jumper 3ECA1031LCLC002-01-F, or LP-LP-2S-P-SM-002 CT-GZF2PJ-8, CT-GPH-A-8, or an ATB of a local...
  • Page 5 Optical Fiber (MBUS)
  • Page 6 Recommended Model or Component Location Component Quantity Specifications Source Can be LAN switch (optional) UT-H605 or ES1000 purchased from Huawei Low- speed Smart array FTLF1323P1BTR-HW optical Fitting bag controller Can be module for optical purchased ring PLCLC5S-ST3P302-HW, LC- from Huawei...
  • Page 7 Installing the SmartLogger Installation Space (Unit: mm) Wall-mounting Chassis dimensions (including mounting ears) Installation clearances Guide rail-mounting Chassis dimensions Installation clearances (including the guide rail mounting brackets) Installation Mode Wall-mounting Install the SmartLogger on a wall that is flat and has the bearing capacity to securely hold the SmartLogger.
  • Page 8 1. Determine mounting holes based on the hole positions in the mounting ears, and mark the mounting holes using a marker. Unit: mm If you need to use a ladder to install the device on a high position, take measures to protect yourself from falling down.
  • Page 9 Guide rail-mounting Huawei does not provide the SmartLogger guide rail. If the customer chooses this installation mode, the customer must prepare a 35 mm standard guide rail. Unit: mm NOTE 1. Secure the guide rail before mounting the SmartLogger. 2. Verify that the length of the guide rail is sufficient for securing the SmartLogger.
  • Page 10 Installing Ground Cable Installing the SmartLogger Ground Cable OT-M6 NOTE 1. It is recommended that 4–6 mm or 12–10 AWG outdoor copper-core cables be used as ground cables. Ground cables must be securely connected. 2. To enhance the corrosion resistance of the ground terminal, apply silica gel or paint on it after connecting the PGND cable.
  • Page 11 COM Port (SmartLogger) Port Symbol Function RS485A, RS485 differential signal+ COM1 – RS485B, RS485 differential signal– RS485A, RS485 differential signal+ COM2 – RS485B, RS485 differential signal– RS485A, RS485 differential signal+ COM3 – RS485B, RS485 differential signal– RS485A, RS485 differential signal+ COM4 –...
  • Page 12 Connecting an RS485 Communications Cable NOTE 1. Ensure that the RS485 communication distance is within 1000 meters. 2. The SmartLogger cable terminal block can connect to a cable with the maximum cross-sectional area of 2.5 mm 3. An RS485 terminal block is recommended for connecting cables to the SUN2000. The following uses the SUN2000-33KTL-JP terminal block as an example to describe cable connection.
  • Page 13 2. Each SmartLogger connects to a maximum of 150 SUN2000s. 3. Huawei equipment and third-party equipment need to be connected, you are advised to connect them to different COM ports. If only Huawei equipment or third-party equipment needs to be connected, connect it to any idle COM port.
  • Page 14 Connecting a Cable to the DI Port 1. The SmartLogger provides eight DI ports, namely, DI1(GND1) to DI4(GND1) and DI5(GND2) to DI8(GND2). An OVGR can connect to any DI port. 2. Two-core or multiple-core cables with a cross sectional area of 1.5 mm are recommended.
  • Page 15 Connecting Cables to the AI Port 1. A split EMI is composed of various sensors. Each sensor needs to separately connect to the SmartLogger. 2. The SmartLogger can connect to a current-type or voltage-type sensor through an AI port. 3. One sensor connects to one AI port. This document describes only the connection between the solar radiation sensor and the SmartLogger.
  • Page 16 Two-wire Three-wire Connecting Network Cables to the Ethernet Electrical Port 1. The SmartLogger provides two Ethernet electrical ports, through which the SmartLogger can connect to a third-party device. 2. The SmartLogger can be connected to an Ethernet LAN switch or router, and then connected to a PC.
  • Page 17 Connecting Optical Fibers to the Ethernet Optical Port The SmartLogger can be connected to devices such as an ATB through optical fibers. You can select the devices to be connected based on the actual networking scenario. 1. Insert the optical module into the SFP1 or SFP2 port of the SmartLogger.
  • Page 18 Indicator (Silk Screen) Status Meaning Green off The SmartLogger is not powered on. The SmartLogger and NMS (Huawei Blinking green quickly (on for 0.125s NMS or a third-party NMS) are not Running indicator and then off for 0.125s) connected or the communication (RUN) between them is interrupted.
  • Page 19 SUN2000. 2. Mobile phone operating system: Android 4.0 or later, or iOS 7.0 or later. 3. To download the SUN2000 app software package available for Android, access Huawei app store ( or Google Play (, and search for SUN2000.
  • Page 20 Select Bluetooth Switching Login screen Connecting Bluetooth connection between users Quick settings Main menu 1. The SmartLogger Bluetooth is named as LOG+the last eight figures of the SN of the SmartLogger. 2. The login password is the same as that for the SmartLogger connected to the app and is used only when the SmartLogger connects to the app.
  • Page 21 13.2 Setting Currency Factor At the bottom of the main menu, choose More > Settings > User Param > Income. Then set Currency factor according to the actual situation. NOTE Because of the permission restriction, log in to the app as a common user or an advanced user to set Currency factor.
  • Page 22 2. Check whether the power cable is connected to the power adapter. 3. Check whether the power cable is inserted into an AC socket. 4. Replace the power adapter. 5. Contact the supplier or Huawei technical support. The communication fails in RS485 networking. 14.2 1.
  • Page 23 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China

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