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Important Safety Warnings

WARNING: Avoid Electrical Shocks. To avoid electrical shock, do not open the power supplies. There
are no user-serviceable parts inside.
To avoid electrical shock and harm to your eyes by laser light, do not open the DVD laser module. The
laser module should be serviced by service personnel only. Do not attempt to make any adjustment to the
laser unit. Refer to the label on the DVD for power requirements and wavelength. This product is a class I
laser product.
WARNING: Removing and Replacing the Cover. For your safety, never remove the system side cover
without first disconnecting the power cord from the power outlet and removing any connection to a
telecommunications network. If a Power Protection Device is fitted to your system, you must shut down
your computer using its on/off switch, then remove the power cord before removing the system's side
cover. Remove the Power Protection Device cables before any servicing operation. Always replace the
side cover before switching the system on again.
WARNING: Battery Safety Information. There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly
installed. For your safety, never attempt to recharge, disassemble, or burn an old battery. Replace the
battery with the same or equivalent type, as recommended by the manufacturer.
The battery in this system is a lithium battery that does not contain any heavy metals. However, to protect
the environment, do not dispose of batteries in household waste. Return used batteries either to the shop
from which you bought them, to the dealer from whom you purchased your system, or to HP so that they
can either be recycled or disposed of in the correct way. Returned batteries will be accepted free of
WARNING: Metallic particulates can be especially harmful around electronic equipment. This type of
contamination may enter the data center environment from a variety of sources, including, but not limited
to, raised floor tiles, worn air conditioning parts, heating ducts, rotor brushes in vacuum cleaners or
printer component wear. Because metallic particulates conduct electricity, they have an increased
potential for creating short circuits in electronic equipment. This problem is exaggerated by the
increasingly dense circuitry of any electronic equipment.
Over time, very fine whiskers of pure metal can form on electroplated zinc, cadmium, or tin surfaces. If
these whiskers are disturbed, they may break off and become airborne, possibly causing failures or
operational interruptions. For over 50 years, the electronics industry has been aware of the relatively rare,
but possible, threat posed by metallic particulate contamination. During recent years, a growing concern
has developed in computer rooms where these conductive contaminants are formed on the bottom of
some raised floor tiles.
Although this problem is relatively rare, it may be an issue within your computer room. Since metallic
contamination can cause permanent or intermittent failures on your electronic equipment,
Hewlett-Packard strongly recommends that your site be evaluated for metallic particulate contamination
before installation of electronic equipment.
WARNING: Avoid Burn Injuries. Some parts inside the computer will be hot. Turn off and unplug the
system, then wait approximately three to five minutes for them to cool down before opening the system
access panels or touching internal components.



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