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b. Remove the module, carefully extracting the attached cables through the opening on the
Disconnecting the front control module
Replacing the Front Control Module
1. Insert the cables connected to the module through the opening in the system chassis and
route them to the appropriate connectors.
2. Reconnect the chassis intrusion switch:
a. Insert the new switch housing into the system chassis.
b. Insert the switch into the housing and slide in until it snaps into place.
3. Replace the temperature sensor and attach it with a plastic push rivet.
4. Replace the I/O panel in the system and use a Torx T-15 or slot screwdriver to attach the
mounting screws.
Replacing the front control module
5. Route the cables attached to the module to the appropriate components and connectors and
reconnect all cables (page 3-29).
6. Replace the system access panels and reconnect all power cables and turn on the system.
Verify that the System Status LED is working.
Technical Reference Guide
Installing or Replacing Parts



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