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HP ProCurve 2650 Install Manual: Leds

Hp procurve 2650: install guide.
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Table 1-1.
Switch LEDs
On Green
Self Test
Port LEDs
Displays port link information, network activity information, whether the port is configured for full-
duplex operation, or the speed of the connection depending on the Port LED View selected. See "Port
(green – over-
LED View Select Button and Indicator LEDs" on the next page for more information.
laid with the
port number)
Port LED View
(4 green LEDs)
Switch LEDs
The switch is receiving power.
The switch is NOT receiving power.
The normal state; indicates that there are no fault conditions on the switch.
A fault has occurred on the switch, one of the switch ports, or the fan. The Status LED
for the component with the fault will blink simultaneously.
On briefly after the switch is powered on or reset, at the beginning of switch self test.
If this LED is on for a prolonged time, the switch has encountered a fatal hardware
failure, or has failed its self test. See chapter 4, "Troubleshooting" for more information.
The normal operational state; the switch is not undergoing self test.
The switch self test and initialization are in progress after you have power cycled or
reset the switch. The switch is not operational until this LED goes off. The Self Test LED
also comes on briefly when you "hot swap" a mini-GBIC into the switch; the mini-GBIC
is self tested when it is hot swapped.
A component of the switch has failed its self test. The status LED for that component,
for example an RJ-45 port, and the switch Fault LED will blink simultaneously.
Indicates that the port LEDs are displaying link information:
• if the port LED is on, the port is enabled and receiving a link indication from the
connected device.
• if the port LED is off, the port has no active network cable connected, or is not
receiving link beat or sufficient light. Otherwise, the port may have been disabled
through the switch console, the web browser interface, or HP TopTools.
• if the port LED is blinking* simultaneously with the Fault LED, the corresponding port
has failed its self test.
Indicates that the port LEDs are displaying network activity information.
Indicates that the port LEDs are lit for ports that are in Full Duplex Mode.
Indicates that the port LEDs are displaying the connection speed at which each port is
• if the port LED is off, the port is operating at 10 Mbps.
• if the port LED is flashing**, the port is operating at 100 Mbps.
• if the port LED is on continuously, the port is operating at 1000 Mbps.
** The flashing behavior is an on/off cycle once every 0.5 seconds, approximately.
Introducing the HP Procurve Switch 2650
Front of the Switch


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