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Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual
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Cutting equipment

This section describes how to choose and
maintain your cutting equipment in order to:
S Obtain maximum cutting performance.
S Extend the life of cutting equipment.
Only use cutting attachments with the guards
we recommend! See the section on
"Technical data".
Refer to the instructions for the cutting attach-
ment to check the correct way to load the
trimmer line and the correct line diameter.
Always stop the en-
gine before doing any work on the
cutting attachment. This continues
to rotate even after the throttle has
been released. Ensure that the
cutting attachment has stopped
completely and disconnect the
lead from the spark plug before
you start to work on it.
A faulty cutting at-
tachment may increase the risk of
Trimmer head
Always ensure the trimmer line is wound
tightly and evenly around the drum, other-
wise the machine will generate harmful
S Only use the recommended cutting at-
tachments. See the section on "Technical
S Smaller machines generally require small
trimmer heads and vice versa. This is be-
cause when clearing using trimmer line
the engine must throw out the trimmer
line radially from the trimmer head and
overcome the resistance of the grass
being cleared.
S The length of the trimmer line is also im-
portant. A longer trimmer line requires
greater engine power than a shorter
trimmer line of the same diameter.
S Make sure that the cutter on the trimmer
guard is intact. This is used to cut the
trimmer line to the correct length.
S To increase the life of the trimmer line it
can be soaked in water for a couple of
days. This will make the line tougher so
that it lasts longer.

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