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Maintenance; Carburetor; Muffler - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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The owner is responsible for the perfor-
mance of all required maintenance as
defined in the operator's manual.


Your Husqvarna product has been designed
and manufactured to specifications that re-
duce harmful emissions. After the engine
has used 8- -10 tanks of fuel, the engine will
be run- -in. To ensure that it continues to run
at peak performance and to minimize harm-
ful exhaust emissions after the run- -in peri-
od, ask your servicing dealer to adjust your
The complete clutch,
clutch cover, and shaft must be
fitted before the machine is started,
otherwise parts could come loose
and cause personal injury.
S The carburetor governs the engine's
speed via the throttle control. Air and fuel
are mixed in the carburetor.
S The T- -screw regulates the throttle setting
at idle speed. If the T- -screw is turned
clockwise this gives a higher idle speed;
turning it counterclockwise gives a lower
idle speed.
Basic setting
S The basic carburetor settings are ad-
justed during testing at the factory. Fine
adjustment should be carried out by a
skilled technician.
CAUTION! If the cutting attachment rotates
when the engine is idling the idle adjustment
screw T should be turned counterclockwise
until the cutting attachment stops.
Rec. idle speed:
See "Technical data" section.
Recommended max. speed:
See "Technical data" section.
Fine adjustment of the idle speed- -T
Adjust the idle speed using the idle adjust-
ment screw- -T if it is necessary to readjust.
First, turn the idle adjustment screw- -T
clockwise until the cutting attachment starts
to rotate. Then, turn the screw counter-
clockwise until the cutting attachment stops.
The idle speed is correctly adjusted when
the engine will run smoothly in every posi-
tion. The idle speed should also be well
below the speed at which the cutting attach-
ment starts to rotate.


not be adjusted so that the cutting
attachment stops, contact your ser-
vicing dealer. Do not use the ma-
chine until it has been correctly ad-
justed or repaired.
Unit/Maintenance Safety
Disconnect the spark plug before perform-
ing maintenance, except carburetor adjust-


The muffler is designed to reduce the noise
level and to direct the exhaust gases away
from the operator. The exhaust gases are
hot and can contain sparks, which may
cause fire if directed against dry and com-
bustible material.
Mufflers are equipped with a special spark
arrestor mesh. You should clean the mesh
at least once a month. This is best done
with a wire brush. If the mesh is damaged
it should be replaced. A blocked mesh
will cause the machine to overheat and re-
sult in damage to the cylinder and piston.
CAUTION! Never use a machine that has
a faulty or loose muffler. Ensure the muffler
bolts are tight.
Idle Speed
Screw- -T
If the idle speed can-
Muffler bolts
Spark arrestor mesh

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