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General Safety Precautions; Important; Personal Protective Equipment - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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IMPORTANT! The machine is only designed
for trimming grass.
The only accessories you can operate with
this engine unit are the cutting attachments
we recommend in the chapter on Technical
Never use the machine if you are tired, if you
have drunk alcohol, or if you are taking medi-
cation that could affect your vision, your
judgement or your co- -ordination.
Wear personal protective equipment. See in-
structions under the heading Personal
protective equipment.
Never use a machine that has been modified
in any way from its original specification.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry out
the checks, maintenance and service instruc-
tions described in this manual. Some mainte-
nance and service measures must be carried
out by trained and qualified specialists. See
instructions under the heading Maintenance.
All covers and guards must be fitted before
starting. Make sure the spark plug cap and
lead are not damaged. Otherwise you could
get an electric shock.
The machine operator must ensure that no
people or animals come closer than 15
metres while working. When several opera-
tors are working in the same area, the safety
distance should be at least 15 metres.
Never allow children
to use or be in the vicinity of the
machine. As the machine is equipped
with a spring- - loaded stop switch and
can be started by low speed and
force on the starter handle, even
small children under some circum-
stances can produce the force neces-
sary to start the machine. This can
mean a risk of serious personal inju-
ry. Therefore remove the spark plug
cap when the machine is not under
close supervision.

Personal protective equipment

IMPORTANT! Whenever you use a clear-
ing saw, brushcutter or trimmer you must
wear personal protective equipment that is
approved by the authorities. Personal
protective equipment does not eliminate
the risk of accidents, but it can reduce the
effects of an injury in the event of an acci-
dent. Ask your dealer for help when
choosing protective equipment.
Listen out for warn-
ing signals or shouts when you are
wearing hearing protection. Always
remove your hearing protection as
soon as the engine stops.
Wear hearing protection that provides
adequate noise reduction.
Always wear approved eye protection. If
you use a visor then you must also wear
approved protective goggles. Approved
protective goggles must comply with EN
166 in EU countries.
Gloves should be worn when necessary,
e.g., when fitting cutting attachments.
Wear anti- -slip and stable boots.
Wear clothes made of a strong fabric and
avoid loose clothing that can catch on
shrubs and branches. Always wear heavy,
long pants. Do not wear jewelry, shorts
sandals or go barefoot. Secure hair so it is
above shoulder level.
A first aid kit should be carried by opera-
tors of clearing saws, brushcutters or trim-

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