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Machine's Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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Machine's safety equipment

This section describes the machine's safe-
ty equipment, its purpose, and how checks
and maintenance should be carried out to
ensure that it operates correctly. See the
"What is what" section to locate where this
equipment is positioned on your machine.
The life span of the machine can be re-
duced and the risk of accidents can in-
crease if machine maintenance is not car-
ried out correctly and if service and/or re-
pairs are not carried out professionally. If
you need further information please contact
your nearest service workshop.
IMPORTANT! All servicing and repair work
on the machine requires special training. This
is especially true of the machine's safety
equipment. If your machine fails any of the
checks described below you must contact
your service agent. When you buy any of our
products we guarantee the availability of pro-
fessional repairs and service. If the retailer
who sells your machine is not a servicing
dealer, ask him for the address of your near-
est service agent.
Never use a machine
that has faulty safety equipment!
Follow the control, maintenance
and service instructions described
in this section. If your machine fails
any of these checks contact your
service agent to get it repaired.
Throttle lock
The throttle lock is designed to prevent ac-
cidental operation of the throttle control.
When you press the lock (A) (i.e. when you
grasp the handle) it releases the throttle
control (B). When you release the handle,
the throttle control and the throttle lock both
move back to their original positions. This
movement is controlled by two independent
return springs. This arrangement means
that the throttle control is automatically
locked at the idle setting.
Make sure the throttle control is locked at
the idle setting when the throttle lock is re-
Press the throttle lock and make sure it re-
turns to its original position when you re-
lease it.
Check that the throttle control and throttle
lock move freely and that the return springs
work properly.
See instructions under the heading Start.
Start the machine and apply full throttle.
Release the throttle and check that the
cutting attachment stops and remains at a
standstill. If the cutting attachment rotates
with the throttle in the idle position then the
carburettor idle setting must be checked.
See instructions under the heading
Stop switch
Make sure the engine stops when you push
and hold the stop switch.

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