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Starting And Stopping; Check Before Starting - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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Check before starting

When the engine is
started with the choke in either the
choke or start throttle positions the
cutting attachment will start to rotate
S Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust
fumes can be dangerous if inhaled.
S Observe your surroundings and make
sure that there is no risk of people or
animals coming into contact with the
cutting equipment.
S Place the machine on the ground,
ensure the cutting attachment is clear of
twigs and stones. Hold the body of the
machine on the ground using your left
hand (CAUTION! Not with your foot).
Then grip the starter handle with your
right hand and pull the starter cord.
S Check that the trimmer head and trimmer
guard are not damaged or cracked.
Replace the trimmer head or trimmer
guard if they have been exposed to
impact or are cracked.
S Never use the machine without a guard
nor with a defective guard.
Starting and stopping
The complete clutch,
clutch cover, and shaft must be
fitted before the machine is started,
otherwise parts could come loose
and cause personal injury.
Always move the machine away
from the refueling area before
starting. Place the machine on a
flat surface. Ensure the cutting at-
tachment cannot come into contact
with any object.
Make sure no unauthorized
persons are in the working area,
otherwise there is a risk of serious
personal injury. The safety
distance is 15 meters.
Cold engine
Primer bulb: Press the primer bulb 10
times until fuel begins to fill the bulb. The
primer bulb need not be completely filled.
Choke: Move the blue engine choke lever
over to the closed position.
Hold the body of the machine on the
ground using your left hand (CAUTION!
Not with your foot!).
Firmly grip the starter rope handle with
your right hand. DO NOT squeeze
throttle trigger. Slowly pull out the cord
until you feel some resistance (the starter
pawls grip); then quickly and powerfully
pull the cord.
Never wrap the starter cord around
your hand.
Repeat pulling the cord until the engine
attempts to start. Squeeze throttle trigger
to release the choke. Continue to hold
throttle trigger and pull starter rope until
engine runs.

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