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Working Techniques; General Working Instructions - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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General working instructions

This section describes the basic safety pre-
cautions for working with trimmers. If you
encounter a situation where you are uncer-
tain how to proceed you should ask an ex-
pert. Contact your servicing dealer.
Avoid all usage which you consider to be
beyond your capability.
You must understand the difference between
forestry clearing, grass clearing and grass
trimming before use.
Basic safety rules
1. Look around you:
S To ensure that people, animals or other
things cannot affect your control of the
S To ensure that people, animals, etc.,
do not come into contact with the cut-
ting attachment or loose objects that
are thrown out by the cutting attach-
S CAUTION! Do not use the machine
unless you are able to call for help in
the event of an accident.
2. Do not use the machine in bad weather,
such as dense fog, heavy rain, strong
wind, intense cold, etc. Working in bad
weather is tiring and often brings added
risks, such as icy ground, unpredictable
felling direction, etc.
3. Make sure you can move and stand safely.
Check the area around you for possible ob-
stacles (roots, rocks, branches, ditches, etc.)
in case you have to move suddenly. Take
great care when working on sloping ground.
4. Switch off the engine before moving to
another area.
5. Never put the machine down with the engine
running or while the cutting attachment is
Neither the operator
of the machine nor anyone else
may attempt to remove the cut ma-
terial while the engine is running or
the cutting equipment is rotating,
as this can result in serious injury.
Stop the engine and cutting equip-
ment before you remove material
that has wound around the blade
shaft as otherwise there is a risk of
injury. The bevel gear can get hot
during use and may remain so for a
while afterwards. You could get
burned if you touch it.
Watch out for
thrown objects. Always wear ap-
proved eye protection. Never lean
over the cutting attachment guard.
Stones, rubbish, etc. can be thrown
up into the eyes causing blindness
or serious injury. Keep unautho-
rised persons at a distance. Chil-
dren, animals, onlookers and help-
ers should be kept outside the
safety zone of 15 m. Stop the ma-
chine immediately if anyone ap-
proaches. Never swing the ma-
chine around without first checking
behind you to make sure noone is
within the safety zone.
Basic working techniques
S Always slow the engine to idle speed after
each working operation. Long periods at
full throttle without any load on the engine
can lead to serious engine damage.
Sometimes branches
or grass get caught between the
guard and cutting attachment.
Always stop the engine before
Grass trimming with a trimmer head
S Hold the trimmer head just above the ground
at an angle. It is the end of the trimmer line
that does the work. Let the trimmer line work
at its own pace. Never press the trimmer
line into the area to be cut.
S The trimmer line can easily remove grass
and weeds up against walls, fences, trees
and borders, however it can also damage
sensitive bark on trees and bushes, and
damage fence posts.

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