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Key To Symbols Symbols - Husqvarna 125LDx Operator's Manual

Husqvarna hedge trimmer operator's manual


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WARNING: Clearing saws, brush-
cutters and trimmers can be dan-
gerous! Careless or incorrect use
can result in serious or fatal
injury to the operator or others.
Please read the operator's manual
carefully and make sure you
understand the instructions
before using the machine.
Always wear:
S A protective helmet where there
is a risk of falling objects
S Hearing protection
S Approved eye protection
Max. speed of output shaft, rpm
Beware of thrown objects and
The operator of the machine
shall ensure, while working,
that no persons or animals
come closer than 15 metres.
Arrows which show limits for
handle mounting.
Always wear approved protective
Use anti- -slip and stable boots.
Only use non- -metallic, flexible
cutting attachments, i.e. trimmer
heads with trimmer line.
This product is in accordance with
applicable EC directives.
Only intended for trimmer heads.
Noise emission to the
environment according to the
European Community's
Directive. The machine's
emission is specified in the
Technical data section and
on label.
Use unleaded or quality leaded
gasoline and two- -stroke oil
mixed at a ratio of 2% (1:50).
Other symbols/decals on the machine
refer to special certification requirements
for certain markets.
Stop the engine by pushing
and holding the stop switch
in the STOP position. CAUTION!
The stop switch automatically
returns to the start position.
In order to prevent unintentional
starting, the spark plug cap must be
removed from the spark plug when
assembling, checking and/or
performing maintenance.
Regular cleaning is required.
Visual check.
Approved eye protection must
always be used.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents