Fujitsu FI-5000N Getting Started

Fujitsu FI-5000N Getting Started

Fujitsu fi-5000n: user guide
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Getting Started

Getting Started


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu FI-5000N

  • Page 1: Getting Started

    5000N P3PC-1122-04EN Getting Started 5000N Getting Started...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    2.1 Installing the Scanner ... 3 2.2 Installing the fi-5000N ... 3 2.3 fi-5000N's Network Settings ... 4 2.4 Installing the Driver ... 6 2.5 Installing and Setting the fi-5000N Software... 10 2.6 Registering Fingerprints... 13 2.7 Scan Test ... 14 Appendix1 Troubleshooting... AP-1 Appendix 2 Daily Care...
  • Page 4: Canadian Doc Regulations

    Thank you for purchasing the fi-5000N. This document describes the installation and basic oper- ation methods of the fi-5000N. Before using, be sure to thoroughly read this manual to ensure correct operation. The "Operator’s Guide" is stored on the Setup Disk.
  • Page 5: Note, Liability

    Fingerprint Authentication Fingerprint authentication technology is employed in the fi-5000N. Data generated from a user's fingerprint information is stored in this product as a source data to authenticate registered users (referred to as "Authentication Data"). To help...
  • Page 6: About Maintenance

    Windows HINT The user must not perform repairs on this device. Contact the store where you purchased it or an authorized FUJITSU Image Scanner service provider to have repairs done on this product. ARNI N G This indication alerts operators...
  • Page 7: Screen Examples In This Manual

    The screenshots in this manual were captured from FUJITSU TWAIN32 scanner driver, ScandAll 21 Image Capturing Utility Software, fi-5000N Software, FUJITSU ISIS scanner driver and QuickScan™ image capturing software. ■Safety Precautions ARNI N G Do not damage the AC cable.
  • Page 8: Power Outlet

    Make sure that any smoke coming from it has stopped, before contacting the store where you bought the device or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider. AUTION Do not install the device on unstable surfaces. Make sure that the device is installed on a...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Preparing The Device

    1.1 Checking the Contents of the Device Package When you open the package containing the fi-5000N, please handle the main unit and its attachments care- fully. Make sure it contains all the parts listed in the package contents list that is included in the box.
  • Page 10 ATTENTION Identification Number) is necessary to configure the settings which require the Administrator rights. The Administrator's PIN can be set from the fi-5000N Configuration Tool. To view Operator's Guide included in ATTENTION Setup CD-ROM, you will need to install "Adobe® Acrobat® Reader"...
  • Page 11: Chapter 2 Installing The Fi-5000N

    FUJITSU TWAIN 32 scanner driver and the ScandAll 21 scanning application. In order to perform this scanning test, follow the instructions in sec- tion "2.4 Installing the Driver", and install the FUJITSU TWAIN 32 scanner driver and the ScandAll 21 scanning application.
  • Page 12: Fi-5000N's Network Settings

    1. Turn on the power of the scanner and fi-5000N. Refer to the scanner product manual for details on turning on the power of the scanner. Turn on the fi-5000N by pressing the "|" of the power switch located at the back of the fi-5000N. Power OFF Power ON 2.
  • Page 13 IP address settings with fi-5000N. If you experience such problems, con- sult with your network administrator and take one of the following mea- sures for fi-5000N and PC: For fi-5000N, 1. Change to DNS server and DHCP server which support DNS update.
  • Page 14: Installing The Driver

    2.4 Installing the Driver In order to scan documents from a PC using the scanner connected to fi-5000N, it is necessary to install the scan- ner driver and the scanning application software on to the PC. The following scanner drivers and applications are provided.
  • Page 15: Scanner Driver

    ■ Installing the FUJITSU TWAIN32 Scanner Driver Windows XP screenshots are used in this section as examples. The HINT windows and operations may slightly vary depending on your OS. 1. Turn on the power of the PC, and log on to Windows.
  • Page 16: Installing Scandall 21

    Installation of the FUJITSU TWAIN 32 scanner driver is completed. In order to use the scanner, it is also ATTENTION necessary to have a scanning appli- cation that complies with the TWAIN standard. To perform the scanning test in sec- tion "2.7 Scan Test", install the Scan-...
  • Page 17 [Finish]. Your PC will be restarted. Do not remove the Setup CD- ROM until your PC has completely restarted. Now the installation of the FUJITSU ISIS scanner driver is completed. In order to use the scanner, it is also...
  • Page 18: Installing And Setting The Fi-5000N Software

    6. Follow the instructions on the window to install the software. 7. When the [InstallShield Wizard Complete] win- dow appears, click [Finish]. With this, the installation of the fi-5000N Software is completed. If Windows XP Service Pack 2 is ATTENTION...
  • Page 19: Configuring Scanner Settings

    ■ Registering Users The Administrator can register users on the fi-5000N by using the fi-5000N Software installed on the Adminis- trator’s PC New registration of user information 1. From the [Start] menu, select [All Programs] -> [fi-5000N Software] -> [fi-5000N Configuration Tool].
  • Page 20 (As an example here, ScandAll 21 is used. To perform the procedure described in this section, it is necessary to install the ScandAll 21 provided with the fi-5000N.) 1. Start the application. (From the [Start] menu, select [All Programs] ->...
  • Page 21: Registering Fingerprints

    Register Finger Change PIN Code Show Network Config 3. Select "Register Finger", and press the [ENT] key. The list of registered users on fi-5000N appears. Select User 1(user's name) 2(user's name) 3(user's name) 4. Press the [ ] or [ ] key to select a user from the list of registered users, and press the [ENT] key.
  • Page 22: Scan Test

    Registration is successful OK:[ENT] Press [ENT] key to finish the registration. 2.7 Scan Test Do an image scan test after configuration. Scanning from fi-5000N ("Push" mode) Check whether the image can be scanned successfully using the below procedures. • User Authentication •...
  • Page 23 & press [Scan]/[Send to] ■ Starting the Scanning Operation Load a document on the scanner connected to fi-5000N, and press the [Scan] button (or the [Send to] button depending on fi-5000N Software [Launch] option set- ting) on the scanner.
  • Page 24: Appendix1 Troubleshooting

    Check also the fi-5000N Message Display if any error description is shown. To understand the error message and required actions, refer to "fi-5000N Operator’s Guide" for details. If you cannot solve the problem by referring to these, contact the store where you purchased the fi-5000N, or contact an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.
  • Page 25 1. Is the network cable connected? fi-5000N does not appear in 2. Is the Hub turned on? the [Select Scanner] tab of 3. Is the fi-5000N's IP address set cor- the fi-5000N Configuration Tool. (Unable to communi- 4. Is the fi-5000N turned on?
  • Page 26: Appendix 2 Daily Care

    Cleaning Materials Cleaner F1 (or isopropyl alcohol) Lint-free dry cloth * For details about the cleaner F1, contact the FUJITSU dealer where you purchased the fi-5000N. ■ Parts to Clean and When Part to clean Cover Wipe the Cover with a lint-free dry cloth.
  • Page 27: Appendix 3 Using User Authentication By Fingerprint

    The finger surface is wounded or has suffered an abrasion so that the fingerprint mark becomes thin. • The fingerprint has been changed due to a rapid gain or loss of weight. Washing, wiping, or using a different finger may improve the situation. fi-5000N Getting Started Fingerprint Sensor Finger Sensor AP-4...
  • Page 28 For the ease of fingerprint registration by letting you place your finger correctly, the Finger Guide is installed on the fi-5000N fingerprint sensor area. When you get accustomed to placing the finger correctly on the fingerprint sensor, you can remove the Finger Guide.
  • Page 29 The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice. PFU LIMITED. is not liable whatsoever for any damages resulting from use of this scanner and procedures described in this manual, profit loss due to defects, and any claims by a third party.

Table of Contents