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Fujitsu D2907 User Manual

Pci express gigabit ethernet adapter with dash functionality.
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User Manual
D2907 PCI Express Gigabit
Ethernet Adapter
with DASH functionality


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    User Manual D2907 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with DASH functionality...

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    For automatic driver updates, go to: "" Should you have any technical questions, please contact: ● our Hotline/Service Desk (see the Service Desk list or visit: "") ● your sales partner ● your sales outlet We hope you really enjoy using your new Fujitsu system.

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    Any liability that the data and illustrations are complete, actual or correct is excluded. Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner. For further information see "" Order No. Fujitsu Technology Solutions: A26361-D2907-Z320-1-7619, Edition 2...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    D2907 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with DASH functionality User Manual Notational conventions Overview Approvals and standards LED-Display Description Power consumption DASH Platform requirements USB Cable and Headers required for DASH Manageability Feature Enabling Set Up Administrator Account for DASH...

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    Intel is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation, USA. ServerView is a registered trademark of Siemens AG. Copyright © Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 2011 All rights, including rights of translation, reproduction by printing, copying or similar methods, even of parts are reserved.

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    Enable DASH with BACS ......................9 Set Up Administrator Account for DASH..................12 Manageabilty Feature Disabling...................... 14 Disable DASH with BMCC........................14 Disable DASH with BACS ........................14 Disable DASH support in the BIOS ....................14 Abbreviations............................ 15 Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 8

    Content Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 9: Notational Conventions

    This symbol indicates that you must press the Enter key. Text in this typeface indicates screen outputs. Text in this bold typeface indicates the entries you make via the keyboard. Text in italics indicates commands or menu items. "Quotation marks" indicate names of chapters or terms. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 10: Overview

    Overview Overview The D2907 is a complete low profile PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with DASH functionality (in the following text called NIC) utilizing the BCM5761 LAN Controller. The NIC is available with ATX I/O connector bracket and/or low profile bracket.

  • Page 11: Approvals And Standards

    According to EU Directives 2004/108/EC (EMC) and 2006/95/EC (Product safety) Product safety IEC 60950-1, EN 650950-1, UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1 Electromagn. compatibility EN55022/B, FCC class B, EN55024 Environmental compatibility RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances) WEEE (Waste electrical and electronical equipment) Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 12: Led-display

    LED-Displays LED-Displays ACT/LINK ACT/LINK 10=OFF 10=off 100=GRN 100=GRN 1000=ORG 1000=ORG ACT/LINK Link green LED Activity green LED is flashing LED-signaling 10 Mb link LED off Speed 100 Mb link green LED 1000 Mb link orange LED Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 13: Description

    Description Description Main part of the D2907 NIC is the BCM5761 LAN Controller. The firmware, PXE Code and MAC Address required for the Controller are stored in the SPI Flash. The BCM5761 uses a 25 MHz Crystal as reference for the generation of the LAN Signals, which are transmitted through the transformer module integrated in the RJ45 Connector.

  • Page 14: Power Consumption

    Power consumption Power consumption The D2907 NIC requires the following supply voltages provided over the PCI Express Slot. Source Voltage Maximal variation Typical current Operating Condition + 3,3 V Main +/- 5 % 0,60A Working + 12 V Main +/- 5 %...

  • Page 15: Dash Platform Requirements

    DASH Platform requirements DASH Platform requirements Dash functionality is given on selected systems only. Which system supports fully DASH functionality can be found in product datasheet. For the full DASH functionality always use the newest BIOS version. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 16: Usb Cable And Headers Required For Dash

    USB Cable and Headers required for DASH The D2907 NIC with DASH functionality is delivered with a double female-ended 10-pin USB cable. One end must be connected to an identical header on the system board labeled with DASH, and the other end of this cable connects to the male USB header on the NIC.

  • Page 17: Manageability Feature Enabling

    Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) BACS and BMCC are not pre-installed in the system pre-installation. Enable DASH with BMCC ► Download the BMCC from ► Open a Command box as Administrator. ► Go to the directory where the Broadcom application is stored.

  • Page 18

    Ethernet Adapter with DASH functionality can be identified through the Information tab. Look for the ASIC and Firmware of 5761. ► Go to the Configuration tab. ► Expand the OOB Management list to determine if DASH is enabled or disabled. By default DASH is disabled. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 19

    Manageability Feature Enabling ► Enable DASH and click the Apply button. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 20: Set Up Administrator Account For Dash

    Enter 2 for User Accounts. ► Enter 1 for Administrator Account. ► Enter 2 to change Offline from True to False. ► Enter 4=xxx where xxx is the password to set a password. The password by default is blank. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 21

    Set Up Administrator Account for DASH ► Enter 0 twice to get back to the main page. ► Enter Q to Save and Exit. After saving to NVRAM and exiting, the Administrator account along with the password has been created. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 22: Manageability Feature Disabling

    When DASH support is set to disabled in the BIOS DASH Configuration Menu, a later enabling with software e.g. agents is not possible anymore. A DASH controller which has been enabled by software or agents will be disabled during every boot. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 23: Abbreviations

    Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware DASH First-In First-Out FIFO Local Area Network Networking Interface Card Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus PCI-Bus Preboot eXecution Environment Random Access Memory System Management Bus SMBus Serial Peripheral Interface Wake on LAN Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

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