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Fujitsu FMW43VA01 Installation Instructions

Stylistic lt series


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VGA Adapter

Installation Instructions

Stylistic LT Series
The VGA Adapter allows you to connect an external
monitor directly to your pen tablet without using a
docking device.
Note: In order to use an external monitor simultaneously
with the flat panel display, you must set it up from
either within the BIOS or using the display hotpad. See
your system user's guide for more information.
On one side of the adapter is a plug which fits into the
system interface port (see Figure 1). On the opposite side
of the adapter is a port for a video connector (see Figure
To install the adapter,
1. If the pen tablet is running, either suspend
operation or power down the system.
2. If the external monitor you wish to connect has
power applied, power it down.
3. Remove the plastic cover that is located over the
system interface port on the bottom edge of the
pen tablet. Keep the cover in a safe place for future
4. Plug the VGA Adapter into the system interface
port. The plug is keyed so that it will only fit when
it is positioned properly (see Figure 3).
5. Insert the video plug into the video connector (see
Figure 2).
6. Restart the system and the external monitor.
To remove the adapter,
1. If the pen tablet is running, either suspend
operation or power down the system.
2. If the monitor you wish to disconnect has power
applied, remove power.
3. Pull the plug from the connector. Replace the
plastic cover over the interface port.
4. Restart your system.
Stylistic is a trademark and Fujitsu is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. © 2000 Fujitsu PC Corporation
Note: When the VGA Adapter is attached to the pen tablet,
the tablet cannot be used in the compact desk stand
because the connector/cable assembly extends too far
from the bottom of the system. The system should be
held or laid flat when the VGA Adapter is installed.
Figure 1. System Interface Connector Side
Figure 2. Video Connector Side
Figure 3. Installing the VGA Adapter