Light Sky SHARK450BSW User Manual

Light Sky SHARK450BSW User Manual


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Please read these user manual carefully before use!



  Summary of Contents for Light Sky SHARK450BSW

  • Page 1 E-mail: SHARK450BSW Add:No.51 Yunfeng Rd,Xinhua Industrial Zone,Xinhua Street, Huadu District,Guangzhou,China. Please read these user manual carefully before use!
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Safety information......................2 2. Technical information....................4 Attachment and body size..................7 4. Installation and connecting..................8 5. Control panel......................11 6. Menu setting.......................12 7. Channel function......................15 8. Circuit connecting diagram..................21 9. Cleaning and maintenances..................22 10.Troubeshooting......................22 11.Duty exonerative and copyright protection............24 Congratulations on choosing our company product! We thank you for your custom. ◆Please note that this product, as all the others in the rich my company range, has been designed and made with total quality to ensure excellent performance and best meet your expectations and requirements.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION ■This lighting fixture is for professional use only - it is not for household use. ■ Installtion Make sure all parts for fixing the projector are in a good state of repair. Make sure the point of anchorage is stable before positioning the projector. The safety chain must be prgperly hooked onto the fitting and secured to the framework.
  • Page 4 ■ Temperature of the external surface The maximum temperature that can be reached on the external surface of the fitting, in a thermally steady state, is 100℃. ■ Maintenance Before starting any maintenance work or cleaning the projector, cut off power from the mains supply. After switching off, do not remove any parts of the fitting, to avoid getting burnt for at least 30 minutes.
  • Page 5: Technical Information

    ● - 700W PF0.985 Lamp ● Software upgrade ● - Brand:NSL- 450 USHIO LIGHT SKY - Insert USB upgrade software. - Lamp power:450W : Display Menu ● - A verage life:1500h - The display panel adopts a 2.0-inch LCD12864 LCD Motors ●...
  • Page 6 Whiter Rotating gobo wheel Static gobo wheel Dark red Orange Aquamarine Dark green green Lavender White Pink Yellow Magenta Cyan CT02 Ct01 Color wheel Dark blue CMY color mixing system...
  • Page 7 distance, spot diameter and illumination diagram(Beam model) Lux(fc) 21°Lu 3552(330.1) 930(86.4) 228(21.2) 170(15.8) 120(11.2) 95(8.8) 61(5.7) 408(37.9) 2°Lux 422000(39219) 105600(9814) 45600(4238) 25200(2342) 15840(1472) 11760(1093) 9000(836.4) 6880(639.4) 2° 21° Distance(m) 2° Diameter(m) 0.62 0.92 1.26 1.91 2.18 2.45 21° Diameter(m) 3.46 6.95 10.42 13.75...
  • Page 8: Attachment And Body Size

    ATTACHMENT AND BODY SIZE power cord...
  • Page 9: Installation And Connecting

    INSTALLATION AND CONNECTING Safety rope Installing the projector- Fig. 3 The projector can be installed on the floor resting on special rubber feet, on a truss or on the ceiling or wall. WARNING:with the exception of when the projector is positioned on the floor, the safety rope must be fitted. This must be securely fixed to the support structure of the projector and then connected to the base handle.
  • Page 10 power in power end Ground The N terminal is connected with the blue line. The L terminal is connected with the brown line. Watertight seal ring Watertight seal ring The stage lighting delivers a three-core waterproof plug. ● The stage lighting power supply can not be more than 2pcs pre line. ●...
  • Page 11 signal end DMX512 in DMX - output DMX-input 1 - Shield - Shield 2 - Signal (-) - Signal (-) - Signal (+) - Signal (+) - Not connected - Not connected - Not connected - Not connected...
  • Page 12: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL Display ENTER Up arrowhead : page up Down arrowhead : page down RIGHT LEFT Left arrowhead : reduce Right arrowhead : increase Enter : OK function Exit : in the choice screen DOWN ● Press the switch.The projector starts resetting the effects. At the same time,the following information scrolls on the display (please refer to the actual material) DMX:...
  • Page 13: Menu Setting

    Main Ⅰ m e n u Ⅱ menu Ⅲ menu menu DMX Address Address → :001-512 Power :****(h) Totel Time → Lamp ON :****(h) Total :****(h) Lamp Hours → Lamp Open :****(h) E-ballast:000.0 Temperature → Out Temp In Temp :000.0 RDM UID →...
  • Page 14 Main Ⅰ menu Ⅱ menu Ⅲ menu menu Auto lamp on → Pan invert → → P/T invert Tilt invert → Return(ESC) English Personal Language → → Chinese Open Back Light → Auto close(15s) Display → Normal Reversal → Rota.180 Backlight blink →...
  • Page 15 Main Ⅰ menu Ⅱ menu Ⅲ menu menu Effects reset Return(ESC) Test P/T → STEP *** Test effect → STEP *** Test → Test all → STEP *** Return(ESC) Return(ESC) Error list → Clean error Keep List → Empty List 000-255 Tilt 000-255...
  • Page 16: Channel Function

    CHANNEL FUNCTION(V1.0) Percentage Function Channel 0-255 0-100 0-255 0-100 Pan Fine 0-255 0-100 Tilt 0-255 0-100 Tilt fine Function Reserved (0=default) 10-14 Reserved 15-19 Reserved 20-24 Reserved 25-29 Reserved 30-34 Reserved 35-39 Reserved 40-44 Reserved 45-49 Reserved 50-54 Reserved 55-59 Reserved 60-64 Reserved...
  • Page 17 Percentage Function Channel 144 - 159 Closing pulse in sequences from fast to slow 160 - 191 Shutter open 192 - 223 Random strobe-effect from slow to fast 224 - 255 Shutter open, Full lamp power Cyan 0 - 255 Cyan from min.
  • Page 18 Percentage Function Channel Gobo1 8-11 Gobo2 12-15 Gobo3 16-19 Gobo4 20-23 Gobo5 24-27 Gobo6 28-31 Gobo7 32-35 Gobo8 36-39 Gobo9 40-43 Gobo10 44-47 Gobo11 Shaking gobos from slow to fast 48-60 Gobo1 Shake Slow-Fast Speed 61-73 Gobo2 Shake Slow-Fast Speed 74-86 Gobo3 Shake Slow-Fast Speed 87-99...
  • Page 19 Percentage Function Channel Auto random gobo selection from fast to slow 250-255 Rot. gobo indexing and rotation 0 - 127 Gobo indexing 128 - 187 Forwards gobo rotation from fast to slow 188-195 No rotation 196 - 255 Backwards gobo rotation from slow to fast Prism wheel 1 This wheel is blocked If Rotating gobo wheel >0 DMX Open position/hole (0=default)
  • Page 20 Percentage Function Channel 128-188 Forwards prism rotation from fast to slow 189-194 No rotation (128=default) 195-255 Backwards prism rotation from slow to fast Pattern sellection Open position/hole (0=default) Index - set indexing on channel 20 4-14 Prism macro Index 1 15-25 Prism macro Index 2 26-36...
  • Page 21 Percentage Function Channel Focus2 AutoFocus on channel 27 0-255 AutoFocus Autofocus (priority & distance selection) Select desired distance and effect on which you need to focus and use "Focus2" channel (26) to focus the image. 0-15 Autofocus Off 16-55 10 metres 56-95 15 metres 96-135...
  • Page 23: Cleaning And Maintenances

    CLEANING AND MAINTENANCES ●In order to ensure the projector could work normally.It should be kept clean always .It is recommended that the fans and ventilation in let should be cleaned every 15 days.The lens and dichroic colour filters should also be reg -ularly cleaned to maintain an optimum light output.Do not use any type of solvent on dichroic colour filters.It will damage the projector.
  • Page 24 ■The light shadow is fogging: ◎Please check the data on the DMX 512 controller is suitable for the electric focus. ◎Please check the machenical parts is jamging.After cleaning,please add some temperature -durable juice. ■The light works interruptly: ◎Please check if the fan works normally or mote clogging. ◎Please check whether the abstract heat have the mote clogging.
  • Page 25: Duty Exonerative And Copyright Protection

    DUTY EXONERATIVE AND COPYRIGHT PROTECTION ◇The lamp belongs to consumption products that is not guarantee to keep it in good repair. ◇Any products broken that didn't according to the instruction is not guarantee to keep it in good repair. ◇The commentary for all the instruction belongs to the supplier in final. ◇No authorize can't copy.